Principles and values from learner centered, self-directed education.


Tools for culture creation from intentional communities, positive psychology & collective intelligence.


Systems for self-organizing from the leading edge of the start-up, entrepreneurial world.


An education model that creates fun, intelligent, magical communities. Communities of happy, actualized people with a deep connection to place and full access to a globalized network of other communities that share resources, practices, tools, stories, and experiences. 

An upward spiral of human potential.

The power of self-directed learning.


Culture creation from intentional communities.


Self-organization tools from Agile development.


Passionate learners, inspired leaders, and vibrant communities.
Like no school you’ve seen before.

charlotte teaching kids about plants


If we want our children to grow up to be independent, why not give them practice in self-direction?

If we want them to be motivated, why not let them pursue what interests them?

If we want them to be passionate, why not let them engage in and explore what they love?

If we want them to be creative, why not give them the opportunity to design their own education?

If we want them to create a better world, why not let them get started now?

An ALC may be a full-time school, homeschool collective, summer camp, or after school program. It is even possible to organize an ALC program inside an existing school.

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ALC NetworkAre you passionate about playing/working with children and adults in self-directed communities? Do you want to stop trying to fit into an institution and revolutionize education with us?

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