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    Fuimos a la Universidad De Puerto Rico de Rio Piedras en esta semana a entrevistar a estudiantes, maestros o a cualquier sujeto que tuviera la disponibilidad. Nuestro experimento social era para saber como las […]

  • Yo quiero practicar a maquillar a diferentes caras y perfeccionar lo que ya se, pero para eso necesito una variedad de maquillaje. Mi plan de trabajo es para obtener dinero para la compra de variedad. Mi plan de […]

  • Today we went to Altitude Trampoline Park and it was awesome, trampoline park is a place with a whole bunch of trampolines that you can freely jump. We jumped a lot and some of us did some tricks and we all laugh […]

  • I’ve have for not a long time now have watch body language and I’ve learned a lot of things that people do everyday. For what I’ve seen body language talks more that the actual words we speak. By body language we […]

  • I’ve had read this amazing book called Free To Learn by Peter Gray. It explains us why unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant, and better students for life. We were all […]

  • El pasado martes, 5 de abril, realizamos una reunion en Exalt en la cual estaban asistiendo los miembros de mi hogar y los facilitadores de Exalt. La reunion era o es para llevar a cabo una implementacion agile en […]

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    The first of april we went climbing to the Monagas park in Bayamon. It started raining when we got there. At first I took pictures with Alex’s Nikon camera.  I went inside a cave with my brother and my stepmother, […]

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    I went to vieques last Friday and it was beautiful. I took an airplane which only took us like 10 minutes to get there. I went with half of my family, it was crazy. We went to Caracas beach and we enjoyed the blue […]

  • Alex, the coherence holder of ExAlt, Jacek one of my fellow friends, and I are conducting a social experiment in which we ask adult about their experience in school and how traditional school has influence people […]

  • Valeria wrote a new post, Exalt, on the site Valeria's Blog 6 years, 5 months ago

    It was not easy, being in this amazing place wasn’t easy. My mother seems to not care that I am happy here and i was miserable back in school so she went to the court reclaiming my parents recklessness of changing […]

  • The Teenage Liberation Handbook talks about how you can quit school and get a real life and education. It contradicts all the importance of a formal education. This book explains how you can educate yourself […]

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