About Me

I have spent a lot of time trying to teach kids, including my own, in the traditional setting, how to be successful. After years of teaching in schools and teaching my kids at home, I found that it was all counter intuitive. Relying heavily on curriculum and standards I was actually stifling their intuition, joy, creativity and inner genius. I knew I had to change something fast and drastically. I immediately released my children from the need of curriculum until I figured out what to do and let them do whatever until I figured it out. To my astonishment, they started working on some pretty amazing stuff. My daughter jumped into psychology and created some really amazing art and my son started coding and understanding the technological world in a way that was beyond my comprehension. What I needed to know slapped me in the face – my kids needed my support and space to follow their passions. They were enjoying learning again and I was released of the burdens of what I thought I was “supposed” to be teaching them. I knew then that I had to create a space for other children to experience self-directed learning. I had to help kids be happy again. And so it is – The Illumine Center Self-directed Learning School.