• I owe all my thanks to the Agile Learning Network for showing me how to do life differently.  Trust, intuition, love, compassion, play, and happiness were not big components of my children’s education because […]

  • ThumbnailI don’t know how long it takes for converts of self-directed learning to actually get there from traditional education but for my family it took exactly six months. I had homeschooled my children traditionally, […]

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      Hi Traci, My name is Ann and my friend Carrie and I started Triskele Rivers ALC this fall. I can totally relate to everything that you mentioned in your post. Thanks for sharing and I am so glad that you have begun the journey. I look forward to hearing more about how your program develops. We, too, were happy to find ALC. Our program is starting off very small but we hope that it catches on. It’s so good to hear from others who are starting out as well.

  • I really appreciate this story since I’ve seen child after child pass through my classroom with the brains of Einstein but the setting of a prison. It’s nice to see that you did not conform but while doing what you needed to do to get to a place of being free to think and do. It is my hope that we can provide a setting where free thinkers,…[Read more]

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