• ThumbnailBut first the questions of the day:

    Q: What did you find most inspiring today?

    A: Looking at the statistics for the recent drug wars….

    Q: What five things from today will you want to do more of?

    A: […]

  • But first the three questions of the day:

    Q: How could you make something for today better?

    A: Improv was kind of awkward and I would fix that by practicing more Improv with everybody at school.

    Q: What were you’re five favorite things today?

    A: 5. playing frisbee 4. reading parts of a short funny script 3. getting fresh air 2. watching Last Week Tonight 1. playing Improv with everybody.

    Q: If you had a mic and everybody in the world would hear you what sentence would you say?

    A: Everybody has their positive features.



    Intention: play GeoGuessr.

    Reflection: We did another lightning round and got  over 15 thousand points.

    Intention: watch Last Week Tonight.

    Reflection: we watched these two videos:

    although the lottery one was good I really liked the salmon video. I would not be surprised if random people post salmon getting thrown at them on Vine.

    Intention: Go to the park.

    Reflection: a hand full of people went to the park with me, including the dogs. while at the park we played a little bit of frisbee, and had a philosophy discussion on if we would’ve been better off with no religion. My (short) opinion is that religion is good to have whether you are religious or not despite all of the suffering people had to go through because of religion. We were going to do Improv but we did that later.

    Intention: eat Nick’s pizza.

    Reflection: I ate his pizza… not much to say there.

    Intention:  read Siddhartha during the reading circle.

    Reflection: I got through 2 chapters in 45 minutes. It seems like a very good and thought provoking book so far. There were points though where I would get lost in my thoughts and sub-consciously read, which is something I will work on.

    Intention: play some Improv.

    Reflection: we played a game that I like to call “late night talk show”. Basically there’s a host for the show, the guest, the special guest, and most importantly the audience. The audience gives the host a topic and a celebrity for the guest to play (E.g. Spongebob just started his new laundromat business). And from there the host and the audience starts asking the guest questions. Eventually the host is supposed to bring up on to stage a special guest.

    Intention: attend the goals meeting.

    Reflection: for my goal of being in a theater production I found a new script.

    Intention: make a guest account.

    Reflection: all I had to do is go into my settings and unlock it. I changed the wallpaper to be Glados.

    Intention: later today I might want to make an idea for a board game and make it out of that huge old roll of paper we have.

    Reflection: hasn’t happened yet.

    Intention: make tomato and chicken soup for me Drew and Abe and then make grilled cheeses for Jurr and probably pop some fries into the oven for Jackie and Stevie.

    Reflection: also hasn’t happened yet.




    Picture of the day:




  • ThumbnailIntention: read Eloquent Java Script.

    Reflection: instead of doing that I helped out with our new MineCraft project.

    Intention: attend computer science class.

    Reflection: it didn’t last long because we […]

  • ThumbnailIntention: play a lightning round of GeoGuessr .

    Reflection: we got a lot of points.

    Intention: go on a walk to the new area.

    Reflection: it was nice and refreshing.

    Intention: cook something for […]

  • ThumbnailIntention: play Rebirth.

    Reflection: no words can describe my happiness for the game finally coming out.

    Intention: attend the reading circle.

    Reflection: I was the only one really reading but it was […]

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  • ThumbnailIntention: watch crash course.

    Reflection: we watched big history, they talked about evolution.

    Intention: Attend the reading circle.

    Reflection: I couldn’t because I was editing some stuff in mail […]

  • ThumbnailIntention: play geoguessr.

    Reflection: we were doing well until our internet broke near the last round.

    Intention: go to the park.

    Reflection: we played a few rounds of 500 and left.

    Intention: attend […]

  • ThumbnailIntention: Watch last week tonight.

    Reflection: we watched an episode about sugar, it was pretty funny.

    Intention: attend the web dev scrum at 11:00.

    Reflection: we successfully got through the scrum and […]

  • ThumbnailIntention: attend computer science class, web dev meeting, and glacier commons meeting.

    Reflection: I had a lot of fun figuring out the answers to the questions in the cs class. We now have new goals to work […]

  • ThumbnailIntention: Watch last week tonight

    Reflection: It was really funny


    Intention: Take out the trash

    Reflection: We successfully  took out the […]

  • ThumbnailIntention: be fully present in computer science class.

    Reflection: I was fully present in the meeting but it was cut short do to Ethan running late for the […]

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  • ThumbnailIntention: Try my hardest to to get a better Geoguessr score than NYC ALC ‘s high score.

    Reflection: We tried our hardest to beat the score. It took us right around an hour. We did get a prefect score though on […]

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