• Tomis posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    This week was weird! It was great to come to Mosaic on Monday and it felt like I had a good start to the week, but then we had TWO “snow days”. It’s funny to see how differently people handle inclement weather down here, and how the definition of that term changes below the mason dixon line.

    This week I worked on some tax stuff and an insurance audit for NYC, handled a bunch of tuition communications for Mosaic, had some calls with other ALFs, did some organizing and outreach for Admissions (NYC), and setup Google Analytics with @drew for the network site, and planned/coordinated a field trip to Endor for next week.

    I also played Dix It — a game that is a mix of apples to apples, balderdash, and visiting an art gallery. I learned a practiced a Father John Misty song that I love on guitar, folded a bunch of paper phiz units that are supposed to eventually become wedding decorations, learned about magnets with @dthomasson, and toured/spoke with two visiting moms looking at the school for their son.

    I started feeling a little sick last night so I hope to take it easy this afternoon/evening and get back to full strength this weekend. I hope it warms up soooooooooon…I miss long walks with daisy and day trips on foot into the city.

    All my love to Agile land!