• Tomis posted an update 7 years, 7 months ago

    I’ve had a few nice, quiet, and fun days in the city with just @jacobcb, @timotree, @shadowjack, @likeaboss, @lillaw, and @abram (today @ninablanco and @headsintheclouds, too). In a small, make-shift spawn point we’ve revived the counting game where we collectively jump-in count to 10. We’ve also done a little sonic meditation each day; sometimes it is silly and sometimes serious. I learned how to play COUP, though I think I’m still a noob with the meta game. I think I’ve made workable ID card templates for all the kids and will check in on finishing that process with @abbyo and @ryanshollenberger on Friday. I also stenciled ALC logos and smileys around the school. Excited to have everyone back in town tomorrow AND @nancy, Aaron and Jenni too! Love yous guys.