• Tomis replied to the topic YAALFs in the forum Group logo of ALFALF 8 years, 11 months ago

    I was thinking of YAALFs as coming directly from an ALC community (not homeschoolers or unschoolers unfamiliar with our model).

    The idea was that by being and ALC student you are getting a sort of training in ALFing, simply by growing up in the environment. When you get into your teenage years you could be at a place where you’d be able to support staff in an assistant ALF-type role. In order to expand your experiences, you’d go to a different ALC in a new place to do your YAALFing.

    I’d have to rethink what it would look like to have homeschoolers do this. That would be something different, as they’d need their own immersive ALC experience to be able to effectively YAALF, I believe.