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    I believe this idea originally came from @tommie towards the conclusion of his time at ALC in Manhattan last spring. It has resurfaced in my head. @tommie — please chime in.

    YAALFs (Young Adult Agile Learning Facilitators) 

    Knowing that

    Students growing up in ALCs will have much clarity and drive by their teenage years…

    …and many will be going off to college or stepping out into the world in a different way — powerfully.

    Also consider what we’ve learned about the power of age-mixing and the importance of being able to dance between social and spiritual roles (student/teacher, parent/child, etc.).

    What if…

    …there were an opportunity (could even be a part of the graduation process) for young adult students (13-18) to spend time in a supportive, ALF-y type role for a year? They would travel to a different ALC and support the staff there, while continuing their personal evolution.


    Please discuss.