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    FROM @nancy :


    I’m currently visiting the ALC NYC right now and feeling pretty jazzed about some simple things I think I could change up in my small group based off of what I see @RyanShollenberger @AbbyO doing with their “spawn points!”

    I attend Abby’s spawn point this morning and saw this sign on the doorway: 

    Yeah, I really want to copy this! In addition, I noticed that both her and Ryan’s kids had their kanban boards set up in the spawn point rooms. I like how they have these set up:

    Abby’s Spawn Point Kanban Set up

    Ryan’s Spawn Point Kanban Set up

    In addition, they tried out this week doing Scrum before their morning group time so kids and ALFs have a reminder of what was set at Set the Week meeting before going into their rooms for intention setting. I asked Ryan how that worked out and he said he really liked it. At the change up meeting today, the kids and ALFs decided to move that from “practicing to implementation.” I’d like to ask our group if we would like to try this out too – as I see how it could be beneficial to see a schedule before setting intentions on our Kanbans.

    I also noticed white boards in each of their rooms with school wide announcements:

    As well as reminders for their ALF weekly routines schedule and community agreements:


    It looks like each “spawn point” has nested into their rooms and I really enjoyed being able to take part and share what they’re up to!

    I’ll share some pics from Mosaic next week as well 🙂

    On a personal note, I love seeing pictures of how spaces are organized for kids. If you have any to share from your ALC, please share.