• douglas wrote a new post, A week, on the site Realm of awesomeness 11 months ago

    This week I did Japanese. I played a lot of Mount and Blade: War band. I went to the park on Thursday. I stayed home on Monday to do an internship. And that is pretty much my week.

    Thank you for your time. Bye, […]

  • Hello. Lately I’ve been getting into a game called TF2 (Team Fortress 2).
    It is a 1st person shooter multiplayer online game, where you play as characters
    that fight against each other with each unique set of […]

  • Ashton (disgrace) wrote a new post, Tu mama es gay, on the site Loser's Cave 1 year ago

    Oh man, this website is barely working at all. I’ll try to keep this brief, since the post
    is barely functioning. Today I did Japanese! I made art pins with Japanese text
    on them, it was really fun. I also tried […]

  • Back in March, @fireballdeath and I made our annual MLB regular and post-season predictions.  With a little over a week left in the regular season, I’m going to revisit my regular season predictions, originally […]

  • douglas wrote a new post, A noice week, on the site Realm of awesomeness 1 year ago

    My first week back blogging this school year (sarcastic yay).  I guess I should practice blogging, because I might actually end up getting a job blogging in a couple weeks. The biggest event for this week was a […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, stuff, on the site iphys week 1 year ago

    My week was delightful and I’d love to talk about it, but I think I’m going to do this blog a little bit differently than normal. I’m going to mess with my normal format a bit because this is something I wanna […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, Glad to be back!, on the site iphys week 1 year ago

    I had an amazing summer and I’m looking forward to a productive school year!
    I also had an amazing first half week, but before I get into that… Happy Birthday to John Wall!! Dopest point guard […]

  • And we’re back! — now with a new projector that gives us a much clearer image.  We decided to try a new map- “famous places”- to get back into the groove.  We virtually visited Stonehenge, a castle in southern F […]

  • Ashton (disgrace) wrote a new post, Wow!, on the site Loser's Cave 1 year ago

    Finally back from summer.
    My summer was rather short, or at least it felt like it. It was alright, there wasn’t many notable things going on . I did have fun at my uncle’s, and I also clowned around with clown […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, (no title), on the site iphys week 1 year, 3 months ago

    It’s the last blog of the school year from me, I had an amazing school year and am excited for next year to be even more productive, focused and learn as much as possible!

    Since it’s the last blog post I’ll […]

  • Few things in Geoguessr are as frustrating as a round with an image too blurry to make out any signs, and we got two of them in this week’s U.S. locations map.  Despite this, we still almost doubled the average […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, My week, on the site iphys week 1 year, 4 months ago

    Happy Birthday to Andy Hurley!

    Monday: There was no school so..

    Tuesday: I did math on Khan Academy and my Daily French with Duolingo

    Wednesday: I did Chemistry with Hugo, we finished Introduction of the […]

  • @hugo suggested that we try a random map this week, and our second roll of the dice brought us to “US City locations.”  The algorithm started us off with a softball- a Brooklyn location that I knew because I used […]

  • Hello all.

    Today I did Japanese. We were doing traditional dance, and it was super fun and kinda easy. I got to wear a yukata, and even have my own fan! I’m getting better at writing my name in Japanese, super […]

  • First off, Happy Birthday to G-Eazy!

    Second off, my week:

    Monday: I did French and learned about German history.

    Tuesday: I did math, French, grilled fruits + veggies in cooking, and I learned about […]

  • We decided to try a new gimmicky type of map this week- “Movie Locations.”

    Luckily @theanchor knew all 5 movies our locations were associated with, so it made our guesses a lot easier.  The only one we didn’t […]

  • Hello all.
    Today Japanese was happening! We were making emojis like how emojis in kanji are made from the words! My favorite 1 I made was “ghost”.
    Today I also played some pizza simulator in Roblox. I was a […]

  • One of the weirdest RNG quirks that’s happened to us this year in Geoguessr is our inability to escape U.S. based locations.  We often chose a world map, only to be dropped in multiple U.S. locations… and this […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, My week, on the site iphys week 1 year, 4 months ago

    My week was fantastic, but before getting into it, Happy Birthday to Ellen Ochoa!

    Monday: I did acrobatics, French and the first class of Chemistry here at ALC!

    Tuesday: I did math, French and learned how […]

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