• I wrote this document in the process of designing a minimal blogging app on Holochain as the first step of my graduation project. This might interest you if you want to know more about how hApps are […]

  • Objective
    To create a fully-featured blogging app using Holochain for the use of ALC communities.
    Users should be able to:

    Create posts
    View posts
    Embed images and other media
    Use rich text […]

  • I spent pretty much all of my free-time at home in the past six days watching YouTube and scrolling through online articles about Rust. I was looking forward to the weekend, where I would finally get a good […]

  • For graduation, one of the things I’m gonna do is complete a tech project. For this, I’ve devised a project management plan.

    The main goal is to set myself up so that I can make sure I can tell whether I’m […]

  • I haven’t been writing about my contributions for a while, so this post will try to catch you up.

    The start of my recent spree was “Path string roundup”. This was a round-up PR because it looks for some set of […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, Graduating…, on the site Timo's Blog 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Last Friday, I officially started the graduation process at ALCNYC. I felt was very nervous about graduating which is why I waited until the last possible day to start.

    Here are some of my thoughts: […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, Redux pattern, on the site Timo's Blog 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’ve had two (somewhat) recent experiences with the Redux pattern:

    Building a web app using React + Redux
    Contributing to Holochain, which uses it for managing node state […]

  • I’m really happy with how the past couple of weeks are going. I feel like I’m doing a lot and learning a lot. The best part? I haven’t needed to use any sources of external motivation!

    In general, however, I […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, The latest, on the site Timo's Blog 11 months ago

    Here’s the latest things I’ve been into:

    Watching videos about DOTA Auto Chess
    Watching videos about Hearthstone
    Watching math videos
    Thinking of strategies for DOTA Auto Chess
    Thinking about how […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, Teaching Code, on the site Timo's Blog 11 months, 4 weeks ago

    After some deep thought, I’ve realized something that’s been missing in the way I’ve taught and looked at teaching programming. I’d like to share about it so I don’t forget and so that others can learn the same […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, Online security, on the site Timo's Blog 1 year ago

    Check out this online service to get notified if you are implicated in any data breaches. I use it and I love it. Tell your friends about “Have I Been Pwned?”!

  • Timo wrote a new post, Sleep, on the site Timo's Blog 1 year ago

    I’m excited to write this post because I’ve recently made a big step in overcoming something that I’ve struggled with for a few years.

    In the past, I sometimes got into a pattern where I stayed up late every […]

  • I love the play this game called Keep Talking and Nobody explodes. It’s super fun to practice communication and memorization. I’ve been playing it with a lot of friends.

    I highly recommend it as a fun […]

  • In the past few months I have been enjoying, thinking about, and watching countless videos of Hearthstone.

    I think the biggest reason I enjoy it is that I have been practicing explaining my ideas and working […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, My Favourite Words!, on the site Timo's Blog 1 year, 3 months ago

    This will be a series of posts. Today’s word is “value”!

    I value precise language and I feel excited about language that invites me to express useful communications. I’d like to tell you about some words I […]

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to list some of the things that have been in common throughout most of my schooldays.

    In the mornings, I walk Charlooks, say good morning to everybody, and do two spawns (one […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, Pushups, on the site Timo's Blog 1 year, 3 months ago

    I’ve been doing 20 pushups almost every day. At first Art was joining me, now Ryan and Mel have been joining me. I’m glad to be doing them.

  • the advice in this blog was last verified in v1.13.1

    I was playing Minecraft with some friends yesterday. After we had played for a while on our world, we decided to transfer the world to my computer. I’d like […]

  • I’ve had an awareness about my participation in gratitudes for some time now: I tend not to share everything I want to.

    Here are a few reasons why I think that has happened:

    I take my turn as late as […]

  • Timo wrote a new post, Being, on the site Timo's Blog 1 year, 4 months ago

    I’d like to share something I learned this past summer after going to camp.

    I was a camper for two weeks before being a CIT for one.
    After my last week as a camper, I received some acknowledgments that, while […]

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