• Tuesday, was a day of travel. Rising bright and early to be ready to leave the land of QIVC at 7AM. Emilie Michaud was gracious enough to give @themadhatter and I a ride tithe bus station in Albany. We arrived […]

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    I have to admit, I wasn’t excited for another visiting week. Initially I was stoked, because there had been plans for @theanchor to bring two QIVC teens I like to the city, along with @themadhatter, to join Bear […]

  • This week was really cool because @bear, @theanchor and @themadhatter were here. Another thing that made this week cool was that I was able to go to the park for the first time since fall. Milo stayed with me so I […]

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    @themadhatter We’re planning a facilitation workshop, and I’d love your input. The goal is to improve Werewolves and End-of-Day Meeting facilitation by making facilitator goals/roles explicit, troubleshooting challenges, and sharing best practices. Any thoughts or experiences you’ d be able to share? Thx

  • There’s a giggle-filled werewolves game happening in front of me. Between a crackling fire and a giant group kanban. @themadhatter is DM-ing and dancing, next to the kettle heating water for my mid-day mint tea. […]

  • This week, I intend to

    1) Make my lunch every day

    I supplemented my lunch with an El Aguilá burrito on Monday, but that’s because I was extra hungry and ate my lunch for 2nd breakfast.

    2) Have only one serving of caffeine per day

    Coffe in the morning on non-training days, and NO Explode pre-training in the evening-  √

    3) Support Jack in building a bookshelf [we have to buy a new T-square Monday]

    After getting a new T-square, @shadowjack and I began our bookshelf project.  We cut pieces of birch plywood for the back, sides, top, bottom, and 2 shelves.  After winter break, we will assemble the pieces using wood glue and screws, then sand the whole thing smooth before (maybe) sealing the wood with a clear varnish.

    4) Go to see the 3rd installment of The Hobbit trilogy

    Despite diverging from the book’s storyline (and just plain making stuff up), Peter Jackson directed some awesome action scenes in the epic conclusion to The Hobbit trilogy.  I think Dain and his brethren from the Iron Hills were my favorite:


    4.5) Offer a challenge to read The Hobbit before we go to see it Wednesday

    A super-full weekly schedule (much of which I agreed to participate in/hold coherence for) prevented me from even offering this at set-the-week– this was a good decision in hindsight.

    5) Hold coherence for Geoguessr [Tuesday]

    @abbyo and I got the highest score in the history of ALC NYC this week!  We scored over 4,000 point in the first 4 locations, and approximately 3,500 on our final guess for a whopping score of 22,098!!!

    Want to challenge us?  Try here:  https://geoguessr.com/challenge/PdmVLz0OVRO3VCwD

    6) Participate in Wikitrails [Friday w/Lorax if there is enough interest]

    No Lorax this week… I guess he is hibernating upstate =)

    7) Analyze two hip-hop songs with @kingthanos

    Again, this was an AWESOME hour spent with @kingthanos.  Check out what we listened to this week:  http://ryanshollenberger.agilelearningcenters.org/2014/12/18/hip-hop-lyrical-analysis-1218/

    8) Schedule and facilitate a culture committee meeting re: restructuring clean-up jobs

    We met today to review job tasks and solidify our jobs now that @kingthanos, @failspy, and @AgileAlfie have joined us full-time.  In addition to my stated intentions, here are some of the other things I accomplished this week…

    -Sports Chats with Luca (including reviewing and updating our playoff predictions)

    -Playing a game of Order of the Stick with @kingthanos, @failspy, and @timotree.  We defeated Xykon!


    -Acrobalance w/ @failspy, @thewitchqueen908, @abbyo, @kingthanos, and Yoni!


    -Chronology w/ @shadowjack and @fireballdeath

    -Summerhill Philosophy, offered by @failspy

    -PokéChat w/ @timotree

    -Contacted @dimeglio to update me on the IP change for #NOCHEATS, then went on an expedition and found an Ocean Temple at: -2451, 63, -1252.  Enter at your own risk, @tinocrafter and the ALC Mosaic MC crew!

    -Played an epic game of Werewolves DM’d by the original master, @themadhatter


    Happy Holidays!

    With love and agility,



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    Today I played MM for the first time! @themadhatter

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    This week I:

    Participated in a loooooooong long culture committee meeting.
    Played some sims 3!
    Watched doctor who.
    Watched @themadhatter and Jesse (from CloudHouse) play video games.
    Did a lot of <a title="An agile link" href="http://abbyo.agilelearningcenters.org/2014/11/05/wikitrails-from-114/&quot; […]

  • Calling all Infinite Players! We really have to step up our game(s) for next years Come Out & Play Festival. @tomis @bear @abby @nina …. but truly: @themadhatter this one’s for you

    [bpfb_link url=’http://www.comeoutandplay.org/project/full-contact-catan/’ title=’Come Out & Play Festival » Full-Contact Catan’ image=”]Settlers of Catan is a…[Read more]