• So this week I only went to school on Wednesday and Thursday. I didn’t go on Monday and Tuesday because I was recovering from a car accident on Sunday. But I practiced Spanish on Duolingo and some math, grammar […]

  • This week I did book club ,the book is ok but not my favorite.

    I read a lot this week and the book I am reading is really good. It’s the scorch trials. I watched some of my friends play a board game. I also […]

  • Monday

    Today I ate,Played,drew,Talk to Tessa.

    Tuesday NOT HERE


    Today I ate,go to store,play hide and seek,played,run.


    Today I ate,My Birthday is today and i am 9 years […]

  • My week:


    Monday: I forgot to document what I did


    Tuesday: 9:30 Spawn

    10 Hike at reedy creek

    2 Graduation meeting

    3 Clean up and spawn


    Wednesday: 9:30 Spawn

    10 Change up me […]

  • Monday 

    Today I was not here cus I was at the Graet Wolf Lag


    today I Played/Ate/Drew/Did Math.                                                    I FEEL GOOD


    Today […]

  • Hi my name is Ariana but you can call me Ari. My favorite animal is a pig and my 2 is a Horse and my 3 is a Dolphin. My Favorite coller is lime. I like to play Minecraft and Roblox on my Ipad and on my conputer. I […]

  • okedokie this week i went to great wolf lodge and i was not at school until Friday. about the lodge’ well it was really warm and humid inside the water park but they have  a lot of water slides. i went on  all o […]

  • Monday

    Today I went to up town/I ate/I drew/ And i Bot my own lunch                                             I FEEL GOOD 


    Today I ate/I played with my friends/I Drew/I played with Kate        […]

  • Ariana wrote a new post, Ariana’s life, on the site My awesome blog 2 years ago

    Hi my name is Ariana but you can call me Ari. My mom had a baby on November 21. Oh I forgot to tell you my mommy’s name. Her name is Rachael but I call her Mommy or Mom. My day is so fun I got to play with my f […]

  • This week was our first week back from a very long winter break. heres what I did:


    Monday: NO SCHOOL


    Tuesday: 9:30 Set The Week

    10 Book club (The Maze Runner)

    11 Codenames

    2 Book club m […]

  • There was a bear named Quagmire. He always got chased by hunters that don’t care about others. But Quagmire had one trick up his sleeve that he used to defeat them. but the bear ran in to girls that the names were […]

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  • Ariana wrote a new post, Hellow my name is Ari, on the site My awesome blog 2 years ago


    today i ate and i played and i talked to Louisa                                                                           today i feel happy


    today i ate and i played and i went with the […]

  • Today is the last day of our wings session . So let me record how it went, I didn’t quite take notes in the beginning as I should of. So I’m not sure how everything went in the beginning. But I’ll write what I […]

  • once opon a time there was two girls and one boy they loved eachothere but then a evil vampire and a evil skeleton and a evil war wolf and evil zombies were coming but they were running in hope to not ge […]

  • Monday

    today i ate and i drew and i talked to Louisa   I FEEL SURPRISED


    today i ate and drew and talk to Louisa and i played out side   I FEEL EXITED 


    today i was not here cus i wa […]

  • this week i played a lot of chess and i mean a LOT of chess. chess/ i did some reading on chess/i played Ayan Aiden Caleb and the computer/ i watched tons of chess games on youtube. i did book club and the book is […]

  • So this week I did the things below.

    Monday: 9:30 SET THE WEEK

    10 Spawn

    10:30  Reading of The Maze Runner

    1  Road trip interest  meeting

    2 Create a spawn shifting board

    3 Clean up and sp […]

  • mon.I did set the week…this week i also did the summer road trip meeting and we are going to Florida. I’m don’t know if I am going to go this year but I might. so are school has a zipline and I went to the […]

    • Sounds like a great week Andrew! Sorry Change Up was long and annoying though…Do you have any ideas for ways to help it go quicker?

  • So this was our first semi-full week with being in the school building. So thats exciting!! We didn’t have school on Monday. So here goes my first blog post in a while.


    Tuesday              Wedne […]

    • Wow Liberty! It seems to me like you managed to fit a lot in, even though you were spending so much time each day doing the drumming! I read Alona’s blog post about the drumming, and it sounds very complicated, but when I was watching, it seemed magical and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that with us! <3 If it makes you better, the drumming sequence (after Alona explained it) sounded very mathematical, and doing the zipline is probably lots of fun, but also experiencing physics! 😉

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