• Hi Guillermo,

    I’m not sure there are any tools and practices that will magically instill cleanliness and order in at an ALC, unless I’m misunderstanding your questions.

    Are you saying you’re having trouble getting students to participate in cleaning up? Or are you asking about tools for making visible what cleaning needs to get done?

    Can you…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone

    Does anyone know where to find tools and practices used in ALCs to have cleanliness and order in the center?



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  • Two weeks ago, Vidya and I went to a “More than Mindfulness” conference at Rainbow Community School in Asheville. Each morning, the kids there start their day with a centering activity, and we got to watch what […]

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    I gained a week of life after school on Friday! The entire day I thought it was the Friday before Halloween. I carved pumpkins with the kids, thinking this was the last opportunity to do so. I also gave out these […]

  • I’ve been having a ton of fun at school! I am really enjoying doing many types of activities with the kids each day. I love getting messy, making things, and facilitating activities for kids to try out.





    I had this idea for a Roots Mastery Board, a tool for facilitators to use to study their implementation of the four roots at their ALC.

    We often talk about how everything we do comes from the […]

    • Just threw this post together very quickly based on an idea I had.
      Please let me know what you think – especially if you try it at your ALC!

    • Oh – just realized ‘the soil is trust’ isn’t on there. How should that be added to the board?

    • Love this, Liam! I think it helps make the tools, practices, and activity of the community visibly mapped back to the roots really effectively. It’s also just a great way to see how well we are doing with these community practices and always draw them back to the “why”, which is super important.

    • Very cool! I love this as a facilitator tool. I think you should have the trust bit on there.

      Diagrams are great too!

    • Yeah… I’m out in Vancouver right now, and I think one of the things the WH staff is struggling with in embracing new tools, is knowing the roots of their educational model. I think they’ve identified as Dem School / Dem process, and now with kids scattered across different campuses every day, they can’t even call a Democratic Meeting (School Council) in a place such that everyone could choose to come.

      I think they’ve identified their model with their tools, rules, and processes, rather than what those were rooted in, and now to embrace new tools, it’s like they’re giving up what their whole school was about. Yet, they have to change it, but they haven’t fully integrated that and don’t know how to if it feels like it IS their model.

      So… that’s another conversation for us to have out here.

      • Yeah it can get easy to get tangled up in that kind of thing. I imagine it would be helpful to see all your tools and processes laid out and to see how they relate to the ‘broader mission’.

    • Liam, I would personally be up for trying this at Mosaic.

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  • As we drove up highway 85 towards Hanging Rock State Park, I racked my brain for items I may have forgotten to pack. Sunscreen, check. Bathing suit, check. Hiking boots, check. Coffee…uh oh. No check. Hmmmm…oh […]

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    Throughout our second week of school, I have been remained incredibly grateful for the smaller spawn point size, allowing me to get to know different students better. Before the year started, Jess, Melissa & I […]

  • This was our first full week trying out the Challenge Sprints structure. I’m enjoying having more time with students and doing more facilitation when I’m at school, especially because it is a specific kind of […]

    • It’s really fun having you at school and facilitating! Thank you for all you do 🙂

    • Thank you, Tomis and Mosaic students!! I appreciate the sharing and it’s been helpful to see the Trello and project breakdown examples. I’m enjoying the near real time implementation of the Sprint tool with my own students…I’m curious about how I’ll use this tool to share our first year experiences in a manner worthy a read. Thank you for holding such incredible space for fellow learners. Grateful.

  • We started our 4th year of Mosaic on Wednesday, and it feels SO GOOD to be back to school! Actually, it really doesn’t feel like back to school because I’ve seen so many of the kids over the summer.

    We ended […]

    • Thank you for sharing about your week, Nancy! I so LOVE the updated spawn point spaces!!! Yay!! I enjoy the idea of putting love into our current space with potential move on the way- it feels like this just calls to the universe for even more beauty wherever we are located!

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  • I had a great time at Mosaic during the first week of school this year.

    I felt extremely lucky to be able to step in and out of the school this week while living & working in Charlotte.

    The staff came in a […]

  • (We do not have enough computers for everyone to blog at the same time, so Ayan wrote his reflection on paper and Nancy published it later for him)

    This year I hope to:

    Learn magic: how to make things […]

  • This year I hope to:

    Write lots of children’s books
    Practice more gymnastics
    Do more Crossfit
    Look up the places I want to travel to
    Practice organizing more: my day, my room, my life
    Practice […]

  • At ALC Mosaic, we’ve mostly used “Roots” and “Branches” to distinguish between our locations and the programs/ages that they serve. However, in that separation, there’s also some distinctions in how our ALC model […]

    • This seems so great for the older kids. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    • Very interesting. Want to remember this when I start with the teens down here.

      • When will that be? Sounds like you got your hands full with the little ones and the after-school program. Are you expecting to work with teens in the context of the after-school program or in some other way?

    • Hi T-
      It is tough to do much with that information alone, yes. Feel free to extrapolate on why this doesn’t resonate with you and your experience.

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