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    Wow.  This is an interesting interchange.  I thought I might add my vote, even though I so new and don’t understand all the issues.  I am thinking it might be worth-a-try to make it optional.  (I also have a sense that the timing of it might be difficult for some…is it the morning?)    I guess it does take some time for many people to adjust to the new life style (ALC vs. ‘normal school’).  It is still taking time even for me.  The current school structure in the larger society is so damaging.  I wonder if there can be other ways to help people find their voices…or again…this may be a thing you have to wait for.  Too bad there is no more tea time, which seemed like it had such potential for that.


    • Hi,
      I have since spoke to my daughter about this topic and have changed my position. I knew when I wrote the posted that I didn’t understand many things about life at ALCNYC…but posted anyway. Oh well. I was very impressed by the original argument about making Change Up optional. I have since heard that the problems discussed (with mandatory Change-up) have are much improved. My own life experience with choosing not to be part of certain meetings (when given a choice) has a real down-side: that I don’t feel fully part of a community even though I made the choice not to participate.
      – Lisa