• I am so happy you are here Michael!! I bet you’ll meet @sassygirl26 one day, she still comes to visit!!!

  • Those interviews were fun!! @sassygirl26 you were really great at being the interviewer too! You speak really clearly and get into the role 🙂

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    Hi! This week Nancy gave us a challenge this week in the Food Room spawnpoint. She challenged us to write about one thing we did about in a lot of detail. So @sassygirl26 and I are sitting in the Quiet Room […]

    • Gah!! I’m sorry to have cut you off!! Even with us ending the day at 2 now it feels like we could use more time at school 🙂

      I love reading the details about Biztown and what you took away from it this week. It’s been a really cool unit to explore and I’m so thankful that Kristine introduced us to it!

    • Maybe you could take the training and come with us sometime! It’s super educational and it teaches you how to manage your money and what it’s like to work when you’re an adult. Not to mention it’s SUPER FUN!!!!!

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    @sassygirl26 I saw your support email regarding getting to the bottom of the “my sites” list. It’s pretty wonky..you can’t scroll down like you’d think you should be able to. What you *can* do is click “My Sites” and it will take you to a different page that list all your sites and you should have no trouble seeing them all there.

  • @derpmaster555 You should totally read the book – @Jesslm has a copy. I liked it better than the movie version. @sassygirl26 which version of Coraline did you like best?

  • Yay @sassygirl26 I’m so excited that you’re hiking!

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    Today Liberty @lib, Isabella @sassygirl26, James @jameslingoes, Nancy @nancy, and a few other people went to see how honey is made! The guy’s name is Andrew and he has three locations where he has bee hives. One […]

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    Today @sassygirl26 @hermione @reagan @nancy and I went on a vet trip! We went to the Dilworth Animal Hospital, and Dr. Wheelock (The owner of the office) gave us an hour long tour. Dr. Wheelock is super nice, he […]

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    Having so much fun on my first day at ALC Mosaic! @sassygirl26 @alonalearning @tessao @animalfreak9 @libby @hermione @sara @katecake

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    Did y’all hear there two songs by @sassygirl26 and @charlotte !? Amazing

    Singing the cold away….in the stairwell

  • I really like that boy in a band video 🙂 One morning about 2 or 3 weeks ago I had three different parents send me facebook & email messages with that video!

    @sassygirl26 was looking at the activity stream […]

  • Yeah @sassygirl26 for our songwriting/improv session in the stairwell…singing away our icy road blues.

    This one is about coffee that is too bitter.


    And this one is about Presidents because it is […]

  • ThumbnailToday @alobob, @libby@cooljhd, @dragon, @tessao, and @sassygirl26 rode our bikes in the sunshine. 

    and listened to this song on radio.


    on speakerszzz […]


    To begin:

    It has been many magical weeks at school. Since returning from NYC, I am ever more aware of the flow, energy and just awesome growth that is happening in ALCs everywhere.

    This month has felt like an explosion of colorful feathers. Every day ideas jump out of us, and sometimes it’s messy like this ink project:



    And at other times no clean up necessary like a good ol’game of soccer.


    Or Geoguessr…

    #ALCNYCscoredawesometodayMosaicnotourfinest #goodgame



    And we mastering how all these get scheduled:

    …Unfortunately I cut the video just before @superleaf08 delved into a ninja-lunge.

    And sometimes we do things that don’t get scheduled: @alonalearning, @sassygirl26@dinospumoni



    And sometimes we do unscheduled things to make money.


    When the year started I found a feather on the ground. About a month ago we started to  pass one around at the beginning and end of our day. I now realize that they represent our light-heartedness, strength and creativity.

    And the ability of our imaginations to soar the limitless.




  • So, yesterday me, @libby (my BFF), @Alonalearning, @Tessa, and @Sassygirl26,  all went to visit The Green School. In this post, I will write things the same, things I like, and things I don’t  really like about the school. First I will write the things I like.

    Pet cat fish
    Pet guinea pigs
    Had woods
    Taped trees with sticky stuff to catch bugs

    Now, the things that are the same:

    Go to small groups
    Have meetings all together

    Now, the things I don’t really like:

    Have to do math, reading and writing before going outside and having lunch
    5 min. timer for snack time.  (It’s not even good to eat your food fast)
    In the morning they always go on a meditation walk, you have to be quiet in the meditation walk in the woods.

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    I met with @Libby @Animalfreak9 @Gabe @Alonalearning @Sassygirl26 @Tessao and I met to discuss language club.

    I noticed @Libby and @Animalfreak9 are really busy with other interests and also recognize that it’s important to remember that all people can ebb and flow in and out of deep learning. @Charlotte has been thinking about how to create a…[Read more]


    Greetings ALC Universe. Many new and exciting happenings at ALC Mosaic this week.


    Veterans Day with Dan!

    -November 11th was Veterans Day and Dan came ready in uniform to share with the students his experience as a Veteran. We learned many cool things like How astronauts shower in space. In case you didn’t know this is how they do it.

    [caption id="attachment_137" align="aligncenter" width="225" class=" "]danveteransday We love Dan!

    Since August @libby and @animalfreak9 have had the goal to Skateboard standing up. And now they’re doing it!!



    We had morning work out three out of five days this week. Feeling pretty ripped. Andrew planked for FOUR MINUTES! Tessa maintained the splits for ELEVEN MINUTES. I am taking this push-up challenge. We choose our own exercises and we have been pulling inspiration from this website. Here is one of our favorites:


    Geoguessr UPGRADE! Keeping up with Milo’s suggestion, we now take only 5 minutes per guess. Definitely increased the stakes of this challenge. Check out this map of the places we’ve been. Click on the pins to learn more about the areas! If you want to add to it, just request an invite from any of the ALC Facilitators.


    I FINALLY traded @zelda my Thunderous EX card. @zelda is slowly curating a formidable Pokemon collection. @alobob, with his superior knowledge of the cards and their face value, facilitated the trade. I forget what I traded for… but the experience was very professional.


    Liam‘s visit and the makey makey.

    -Such a pleasure to see Liam from Asheville on Thursday. He brought with him (along with just general awesomeness) a makey makey. He and some folks spent the morning turning anything and everything into a button. ALC Mosaic was so inspired by this device that we are now scheming ways to hook it up to the door so that THIS will play to remind us to move our name tags!


    Tai Chi! On Wednesday, @zelda led a Tai Chi class outside in the afternoon. The class was well attended and @sassygirl26 became an apprentice to @zelda. Thank you @zelda for this incredible offering that was masterfully led and scheduled.


    In Ecology Club we set learning goals for our time together. We want to learn about different trees and their uses (inspired by Warrior Cats)

    -We want to learn about birds through birding, and animals through tracking. Hopefully we will get some snow!

    -As we were talking two hawks were circling overhead and calling. As usual!

     @libby‘s Upgraded Kanban, with customized sticky holder, pen holder and labels.

    From @libby‘s Kanban, to @dthomasson‘s stories, to @zelda‘s offering, each of these experiences draw me back to the mullings: What is Agile Learning? And why is it important?
    These question have come to me many times. In their most recent form, on Friday when @dthomasson and I attended a science educator meet-up at Zada Janes.
    The meetup is for science, math, engineering and tech folks, and any other like-minded parties. Some are tied to the federal STEM initiative and others work for non and for profit entities invested in education.
    The go-around prompt “What was you first STEM moment?” got the group to share stories of the powerful moments in their childhood, where they experienced the foundations of STEM and what it means for their practice.
    A trend echoed throughout their responses. Each person reflected moments where they had the freedom to explore, and engage in relationship with people or the environment. The memories shared resembled every moment in an ALC.
    One man spoke of when he was able to solder a hearing aid with his father under a microscope. “It was so cool” he said, the experience had a significant impact on him.
    I think of our parents and facilitators and how we recognize the value, and have the courage to name these moments as learning. Almost every educator in the room could reflect the moments as children where they had the freedom to experience what ALCs hold for each and every day.
    I always come back to @nancy‘s What IF. When she asked one year ago, “What IF more children were happy and in a state of flow?” I am grateful to be a part of the answer as it evolves with us.


    For today’s Ecology Club, we took a small walk but covered a vast distance. @jamesisland, @sassygirl26, and @alonalearning walked a few hundred yards down the road with attention to our environment. Our focus were the trees and plants.

    Immediately we noticed a Magnolia tree Magnolia grandiflora, each one of us was familiar with Magnolias. Even without their enchanting flowers these trees are distinctive. We noted the waxy leaf, with fuzzy ridges, ,and large fruit pods scattered on the ground.


    The giant leaves are lighter underneath @alonalearning observed, and when we held them up to the light we could see their cells. This got me chattering about plant and animal cells. Even to the naked eye they are different but here is a nifty illustration with labels as well.


    Plant Cell
    Plant Cell

    Animal Cell
    Animal Cell

    And here is the website with hyperlinked definitions.

    Across the street was an Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis. @sassygirl26 noticed the pods and they reminded her of cacao. They do have common traits and @sassygirl26 picked up on this subtle relation. Redbuds belong to the family Fabacea to which soybeans, chickpeas and even alfalfa belong. Cacao belongs to the family Malvacea. Hibiscus and cotton belong to this family.

    In perspective Humans, gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutangs all belong to the same family Hominide.

    Cacao and Redbuds relate within the realms of Order and Class, that’s like saying humans fall in the realms of primates and mammals.

    Wherever the connection, it was deep in the past of genetic recombination. I like this quote:
    Ranks are somewhat arbitrary, but hope to encapsulate the diversity contained within a group a rough measure of the number of diversifications that the group has been through. **
    To our question: Are Redbud seeds edible? Yes they are! And their flowers are too. Seeds can be roasted as in Native American tradition, and flowers can be boiled.

    @jamesisland was drawn to a hole in the trunk of a Willow Oak Quercus phellos. It was a whole new world down at the base of an oak tree. Lichens and moss established a mico-ecosystem right on the street corner.


    These key provide a perfect nesting ground for seeds and spores, and we saw evidence of this entangled amongst the tiny forest. Spiders appeared to have used the architecture to their advantage as well.

    Back at school we decided to do test prep. I am not smarter than a 6th grader in case no one was wondering. READ THE QUESTIONS. gah still need to learn diligence.

    At culture meeting we talked about our structures and meetings. My favorite nugget of gold was this:
    Yoda took sense of the meeting 🙂



    Our meeting was about meetings. Speaking up in groups can be difficult. Perhaps it was the presence of Yoda, members of the community spoke openly and honestly about school structures and what we can do to transform them together.

    After the Culture Group @alonalerning, @hermione, @jamesisland and I went to the park.@john joined us this time too 🙂 We took more tests and worksheets to do. And here’s some other things we did:

    Difference between manga and anime

    Sweetgum leaf

    Like a boss

    I am very grateful for the outdoor interludes.
     **Gingerich, P. D. (1987). “Evolution and the fossil record: patterns, rates, and processes”. Canadian Journal of Zoology 65

  • Some call Wednesday “the hump day” but these folks obviously never went to an ALC. I want to quote @zelda‘s reflective comment today: “Today I got to do everything I wanted to do and I am going to do it all again tomorrow!”

    Other highlights: @sassygirl26 Isabella has been working hard to pull together the fall festival and today measured the runway, invited new people to participate, and made progress in the decorations. We now have standing tree decorations thanks to some wire hangers!

    MadLibs made a comeback and together we wrote many silly and absurd stories.

    Although we didn’t get to our intention to challenge ALC NYC in Geoguessr, it was because we all were in flow with what we were doing and that is awesome. I spent a fair amount of time at the park today doing Ecology Club. It was just myself and @jamesisland but I made many new observations and here they are!

    Ecology Club

    A beautiful Dragonfly (Anisoptera) flew across our path on the way to the park. I deducted it was a Dragonfly and not a Damselfly due to its size and wing shapes. Damselflies, like their name eludes, are more delicate looking, and their wings tend to all be the same size. Dragonflies on the other hand are sturdier and their lower wing pair tends to be larger. Check out this website for more facts: Dragonflies and Damselfies

    James @jamesisland and I then played under a beautiful Mockernut Hickory Carya tomentosa


    I noticed that many of the Willow Oak Quercus phellos trees in the park had big black bands around them. They look like this:

    http://davidsonnews.net/realestate/2013/02/18/band-your-trees-this-year-if-not-look-for-those-green-worms/ http://davidsonnews.net/realestate/2013/02/18/band-your-trees-this-year-if-not-look-for-those-green-worms/%5B/caption%5D

    I’ve observed this throughout Charlotte and today researched the phenomenon when we returned to school. Turns out, Cankerworms, a pest native to North America, have become rampant over the past two decades and threaten many tree populations in the Northeast. The recent spike is attributed to the loss of natural predators and decline of other tree species… some of the many consequences of development.

    Interesting Fact! Trees are affected year round by Cankerworms but by different species depending on the season. The fall species is called Alsophila pometratiaThe city has conducted 3 aerial sprays since 1993 to reduce populations, the most recent having been in 2008. Because chemical sprays are probably not great for human and other life, the more common treatment are these tree bands. Interestingly, this management technique supports neighborhood cooperation as communities must “band-together” to prevent the pest from spreading. If you would like to learn more here is the website from which I have been paraphrasing: Cankerworm Facts

    For more about Cankerworm life cycle and how they affect trees this website has a lot of good info: I want to learn more about Cankerworms!

    Using an Audobon app I was FINALLY able to identify this tree:

    Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

    It is an Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis

    As usual, Red-Shouldered Hawks Buteo lineatus called above us. I’ve heard them many times before during the days, my guess it was lunchtime.

    Last Ecology Club we differentiated between Sugar Maple Acer saccharum and Red Maple Acer rubrum, and today James and I found a Sugar Maple. We collected its magnificent leaves and made this:


    Inspired by the work of this amazing artist! (Andy Goldsworthy)

    Can’t wait for more fall fun!

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