• Hello out there!!  Lately I have been finding my writing mojo through micro-blogging on Instagram.  At this moment in my life I can pretty smoothly produce a couple short and I hope meaningful tidbits each week a […]

  • ThumbnailPlay in the stream at Hideaway Woods was definitely a highlight for many kids on our field trip to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham this week.  Hideaway Woods is a fantastic new exhibit within a really […]

    • Lacy, I love your post. Such an important topic. It seems that in general,in our society, many adults have lost a true understanding of what play is. We think kids are playing, if they run around a structured school playground for 20 minutes or participate in after school sports. True play is very different and you outlined it so beautifully in your blog. Thanks!!

  • I am so grateful to one of our families this week for bringing up a question and concern around supervision!   This kind of open communication with each other supports our thrive at school.
    I was reminded of this […]

    • What a beautiful way to define the word SuperVision! I love this. I feel so strongly that the best gift a child could have is trust. I want to teach children to trust themselves & their intuition. I also value safety. I really enjoy reading about how you’ve seen the question of supervision as a fun opportunity to open up new possibilities for how you see SuperVision as aligned with knowing and trusting ourselves.

      When I make decisions at school regarding safety, I have to do a lot of my own work to make sure I am coming from a grounded and centered space as well (as opposed from a fear place). I’m getting better at doing this with ease and reading stories like this help me to remember how important it is to do my own work. The best way to support others to listen to their inner guidance (or intuition) and to trust themselves is to model it!

    • Thanks, Lacy! This is really beautiful and clear.

      So often when asked about what I do, I use words like “witness” and “see” (in the Thich Nhat Hanh act-of-love sense). And so often when communicating with concerned parents, I share observations and reflections…signs that I’ve been paying attention (etymologically related to “being present”) to their child.

      Because bearing witness is what I do, and “Are you seeing my child?” is the question underneath many others parents ask. All this language points to a kind of loving watchfulness that I would never have described as supervision but am now glad to describe as SuperVision. Thank you! And thanks to the parents who asked what was on their minds 🙂

      • Thanks for reading, Abby! Yes, I often think of this as my main work, or the work from which everything else unfolds- seeing kiddos in their true light. I am grateful for the first teacher that did this for my own child. It’s hard to describe sometimes, but I knew it and understood it even then, which was a long time before I had any of these words to articulate 🙂

      • Thanks for reading, Abby! Yes, I often think of this as my main work, or the work from which everything else unfolds- seeing kiddos in their true light. I am grateful for the first teacher that did this for my own child. It’s hard to describe sometimes, but I knew it and understood it even then, which was a long time before I had any of these words to articulate 🙂

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  • In this first week back at school I saw some kiddos new to school exploring the rain barrel and heard some returning kids sharing memories of rain barrel play from last year.  An interesting conversation ensued […]

    • Ah! This is so beautiful to read, and has me remembering my days at the Roots campus. Rainy days weren’t days to be sad about – they were the canal & boat making days! Play is how humans learn, especially smaller humans. And learning happens best when it is relevant to our lives. Your descriptions in this post highlight how that happens so organically through the rain barrel 🙂

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  • ThumbnailThis week a visitor came by Roots for a short while at maybe eleven o’clock ish.  As we chatted happily about the school, she asked me, “Are there lessons?”  I figure what was meant is: do we all sit down at once […]

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    Are you ready for today’s lesson?

    Yes, Peter!

    Yesterday my family saw a great production of the musical  Peter Pan put on by Northwest School of the Arts.  As I watched my kiddo see it staged […]

  • Yes! And I’ll add:

    On magical/mythical/fantasy stories

    “…primal myth exposes a way of thinking and being in the world that dissolves dualisms, neutralizes hierarchies and puts some old taboos… Into new […]

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  • ThumbnailI’ve been reading aloud the chapter book, Twig by Elizabeth Orton Jones,  to the kids at Roots lately.  Many afternoons with a few minutes to spare after tidying up at the end of the day, you’ll find us in various […]

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  • Cool you all! I’ll let it sink in another day or two, then I’ll make an email thread with you all and a couple others that replied on Facebook and we can make a plan with logistics, book titles and stuff.

  • The icy days at home this week put me a mood to write, ponder and get jazzed about new ideas and connections.  I had the opportunity one day to email a bit with another Charlotte mama and blogger who just got to visit Cedarsong Nature School in Washington state, the quintessential Forest Kindergarten in the US.  We both have an interest in nature based play/learning/being, and with just a tiny bit of connection, I got totally excited about creating more community around this thinking by gathering some others to read and play with me.

    Since the roads were covered in ice and Amazon will take a few days to deliver the used copies of Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature, and Forest Kindergartens the Cedarsong Way that I bought, I eventually ended up on my front porch with my daybook and some of Luke’s watercolors.


    For the past few weeks I have been reading a beautiful book of nature journaling, Drawn to Nature, by Claire Walker Leslie and I realized I have a great desire to do my own nature journaling.   I have kept a journal or daybook (a little messier, a little more well rounded, a little more like a writer’s notebook than an everyday journal) for many years and have spent a lot of time working with kids and other teachers on thinking about how this tool can support our writing lives.  Seeing the pages with snippits of beautiful nature watercolors surrounded by scrawled notes, observations and bits of poetry in Claire’s book really resonates with me.  These are little pieces she has found in the moment and saved through her words and visuals.   I bought the book because I thought it might be an inspiration to invite the kids to do some nature journaling… and now I am even more eager to try this for out myself!

    Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.44.36 PM
    This is a page from Clare’s book, Drawn to Nature. You’ve really got to flip through this to see the amazing ways she visualizes.

    So I decided to jump in and see what it would be like.   Mostly I just played around with getting the colors to resemble the colors of the leaves on a “red tip” bush in my front yard, figuring out the ice that was beautifully clinging is like 4.0 to my .06, but it felt really good to try.



    Exploring this tiny bit of nature journaling myself reminding me of an aspect of school I am finding so joyful.   I am finding the space while being with the kids to take up things that I have long wanted to be part of or more part of my life- being outside, doing handwork (making things with my hands), and visual arts.  I am becoming more and more cognizant of how my home and school lives intertwine.  So while a snow day or other day away from school gives me the time to linger over my reflections by myself or with other adults  long enough to let things slowly collide together into inspiration, I don’t need days off school to work on most of my interests and passions- I get to do these things at school and the kids sometimes join or they just see an adult trying out something new or practicing at something to work on her craft.

    So my new-to-me books are on the way.  Wondering if any Mosaic, ALC or other folk want to read and talk some more about nature based playing/learning/being with me and/or maybe join along in trying my (or maybe for you extending your) hand at nature journaling.   Who’s in?

    Either way, you’ll find me sitting alongside these writers in the woods at Roots, maybe adding a little watercolor to our words 🙂


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    Lovely, Nancy! I’ve got our shared land image broadcasting to the universe daily, until then we’ll have our county full of lovely parks and shared ideas.

  • ThumbnailIn the late fall five year old Izaiah spent weeks recreating and extending scenes from the game Angry Birds by building small block structures and knocking them down with the toss of another small block. […]

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