number one: his old minecraft name was xanprime. he regrets that name very, very much.

    number two: when he loses in a videogame, he likes to sit on people.

    number three: he screams often for no […]

  • The Pokemon Chandelure is extremely overpowered (OP). The card has a move called “cursed drop” wich lets you put four damage counters on any Pokemon you’d like. That’s an istant 400 damage, destroying any card […]


    one: he is douglass’s partner in crime

    two: he enjoys watching star wars lore and fanfiction all day.

    three: he skips back and fourth between rooms all day

    four: ho sometimes comes into a room, […]

  • one: she likes to eat carrots and ketchup (ew)

    two: she unironically likes to read tabloids

    three: she chases xander randomly

    four: she had a bowlcut untill she was five

    five: she has a rabbit, and he […]

  • number one: iphy used to live on a farm with 100 chickens and 20 goats

    number two: likes the cubs because Javier Baez “slides well” (?)

    number three: likes CS:GO but doesn’t own it

    number four: iphy has […]

  • Hello. Lately I’ve been getting into a game called TF2 (Team Fortress 2).
    It is a 1st person shooter multiplayer online game, where you play as characters
    that fight against each other with each unique set of […]

  • Oh man, this website is barely working at all. I’ll try to keep this brief, since the post
    is barely functioning. Today I did Japanese! I made art pins with Japanese text
    on them, it was really fun. I also tried […]

  • number one: ash has dyed his hair six times in his lifetime!

    number two: ash on most occasions will say “joe momma” on demand.

    number three: bonk (ash requested i put this in)

    number four: ash owns 15 […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, stuff, on the site iphys week 2 years, 2 months ago

    My week was delightful and I’d love to talk about it, but I think I’m going to do this blog a little bit differently than normal. I’m going to mess with my normal format a bit because this is something I wanna […]

  • number one: he often says “Squidward donkey Franklin” on random occasions.

    number two: he screams profanity every time he dies in “geometry dash”

    number three: he makes raps about how he is richer then […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, Glad to be back!, on the site iphys week 2 years, 2 months ago

    I had an amazing summer and I’m looking forward to a productive school year!
    I also had an amazing first half week, but before I get into that… Happy Birthday to John Wall!! Dopest point guard […]

  • Ashton (disgrace) wrote a new post, Wow!, on the site Loser's Cave 2 years, 2 months ago

    Finally back from summer.
    My summer was rather short, or at least it felt like it. It was alright, there wasn’t many notable things going on . I did have fun at my uncle’s, and I also clowned around with clown […]

  • i can’t believe it’s the first week! when i got on the subway i said to myself: wow i haven’t been to agile in a long time! the summer was fun, i went to my grandparents house a lot. my dad ran a film camp where i […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, (no title), on the site iphys week 2 years, 5 months ago

    It’s the last blog of the school year from me, I had an amazing school year and am excited for next year to be even more productive, focused and learn as much as possible!

    Since it’s the last blog post I’ll […]

  • james wrote a new post, summer, on the site My awesome blog 2 years, 5 months ago

    it’s so odd, i just got back here and it’s already about to be summer. it feels like yesterday that i just got here and i want the summer to come but also don’t. it’s weird. like on one hand i get to go to all […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, My week, on the site iphys week 2 years, 6 months ago

    Happy Birthday to Andy Hurley!

    Monday: There was no school so..

    Tuesday: I did math on Khan Academy and my Daily French with Duolingo

    Wednesday: I did Chemistry with Hugo, we finished Introduction of the […]

  • Hello all.

    Today I did Japanese. We were doing traditional dance, and it was super fun and kinda easy. I got to wear a yukata, and even have my own fan! I’m getting better at writing my name in Japanese, super […]

  • First off, Happy Birthday to G-Eazy!

    Second off, my week:

    Monday: I did French and learned about German history.

    Tuesday: I did math, French, grilled fruits + veggies in cooking, and I learned about […]

  • Hello all.
    Today Japanese was happening! We were making emojis like how emojis in kanji are made from the words! My favorite 1 I made was “ghost”.
    Today I also played some pizza simulator in Roblox. I was a […]

  • i have made four nerf guns in the past. and i’m not talking modding them, but actually creating them from scratch. i don’t have any pictures but i will put some in my blog next week. anyway i have made 3 pistols […]

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