number one: his old minecraft name was xanprime. he regrets that name very, very much.

    number two: when he loses in a videogame, he likes to sit on people.

    number three: he screams often for no […]

  • The Pokemon Chandelure is extremely overpowered (OP). The card has a move called “cursed drop” wich lets you put four damage counters on any Pokemon you’d like. That’s an istant 400 damage, destroying any card […]


    one: he is douglass’s partner in crime

    two: he enjoys watching star wars lore and fanfiction all day.

    three: he skips back and fourth between rooms all day

    four: ho sometimes comes into a room, […]

  • one: she likes to eat carrots and ketchup (ew)

    two: she unironically likes to read tabloids

    three: she chases xander randomly

    four: she had a bowlcut untill she was five

    five: she has a rabbit, and he […]

  • number one: iphy used to live on a farm with 100 chickens and 20 goats

    number two: likes the cubs because Javier Baez “slides well” (?)

    number three: likes CS:GO but doesn’t own it

    number four: iphy has […]

  • number one: ash has dyed his hair six times in his lifetime!

    number two: ash on most occasions will say “joe momma” on demand.

    number three: bonk (ash requested i put this in)

    number four: ash owns 15 […]

  • number one: he often says “Squidward donkey Franklin” on random occasions.

    number two: he screams profanity every time he dies in “geometry dash”

    number three: he makes raps about how he is richer then […]

  • i can’t believe it’s the first week! when i got on the subway i said to myself: wow i haven’t been to agile in a long time! the summer was fun, i went to my grandparents house a lot. my dad ran a film camp where i […]

  • james wrote a new post, summer, on the site My awesome blog 2 years, 11 months ago

    it’s so odd, i just got back here and it’s already about to be summer. it feels like yesterday that i just got here and i want the summer to come but also don’t. it’s weird. like on one hand i get to go to all […]

  • i have made four nerf guns in the past. and i’m not talking modding them, but actually creating them from scratch. i don’t have any pictures but i will put some in my blog next week. anyway i have made 3 pistols […]

  • james wrote a new post, making maps in CS:GO, on the site My awesome blog 3 years ago

    in the last few weeks i have been really getting into making maps for my favorite game: CS:GO. if you make a map that you think has a chance of getting into the game you can post it to the workshop. if the […]

  • well this week was good i’ve been working on making a map in csgo (hammer world editor) and it’s going pretty well just havent added textures yet. if you have no idea what csgo is, it’s at first person shooter […]

  • james wrote a new post, i'm back., on the site My awesome blog 3 years, 1 month ago

    i am back at ALC. it’s 👌. i mostly talked to people and cought up on stuff. and there are a lot of new people here! (although i will not be typing there names, mostly because i do not remember them all.) ev […]

  • welcome to my week. I got a new game called rainbow six siege its fun.  i’m really out of ideas so have a nabstablook:

  • I have no idea what to wright about not another one of “my week” things hmmmmm what. should. I. wright. about! someone give me an idea please? oh wait. you cant talk. well you can but you ca- you know what i’m […]

  • james wrote a new post, week my, on the site My awesome blog 3 years, 12 months ago

    I had a good week I went to the playground a lot (note for dad: sorry I didn’t email you😺) I played the kazoo and not much happened I got a game called team fortress 2 (or TF2 for short) I don’t know what ha […]

  • I didn’t have the best week I got a drawing pad (for my computer) on amazon and it didn’t come so we had to reorder it and people were cheating at a game I was playing I am not feeling up to blogging soooo… 

  • james wrote a new post, my week (was good), on the site My awesome blog 4 years ago

    this was a good week a dog just licked me! but I tried bringing up that rule (see my other blog) and no one came to he meeting 🙁 other than that I had a good week I played csgo and not much overwatch. but it was […]

  • james wrote a new post, my week in one work, on the site My awesome blog 4 years ago

    DEEP BREATH! ididoverwatchalsocs:goandstuffziateiwenttothedeliihadacroisantispelledthatwrongiamgoingtounclepeters(myuncle)today. BREATH! ialsogotannoyedbyoliveriplayedfortniteandihadalotoffun!goodbye.

  • james wrote a new post, this week was odd, on the site My awesome blog 4 years ago

    nevermind it wasent odd it was upsetting there is a new rule where when you are done cleaning you have to help other people clean that dosent sound that bas does it? well it is. some people (as of myself […]

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