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    I have been helping out at the airport a lot recently, mostly assembling gliders. The first glider I helped assemble was a silent2 electro, it’s a high performance electric self launch glider. I also helped […]

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    ThumbnailThere was recently a new plane released for my flight simulator. It’s a 737-300 made by IXEG (International X-plane Engineering group). When the plane was released it came with a blank white paint scheme so you […]

  • I first got into cubing when I found a Rubik’s cube at my grandpa’s house. I played around with it for a while but couldn’t figure out how to solve it. I decided that I wanted to learn how so I brought it home and […]

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    Squeak of the tires

    Rush of the air

    The smell of burnt avgas





    When I think of gliding the first thing that comes to mind is sitting in the glider on the […]

  • Nathan wrote a new post, Rubik's Cube, on the site NathanFuentes 7 years ago

    The Rubik’s Cube was invented in the mid 1970s by a sculptor and architect Ernő Rubik. It was originally meant to help students understand 3D objects by showing how a single peace could be moved without scrambling […]

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    I cant think of what to blog about, so I am going to write the first thing that pops into my head.

    I ate a sandweeeech on a train……….. BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! red chicken iQ then a whale fell […]

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    On march 27, 2015, Scott Kelly was launched on a Soyuz for the first year long mission aboard the International Space Station. The main goal of the one year mission is to study the biological effects of long term […]

  • Nathan wrote a new post, Learning Unity, on the site NathanFuentes 7 years, 1 month ago

    ThumbnailI have been interested in 3D art for a while. The first program I used was blender, mostly because it is free but also because there are a lot of free tutorials online. Blender is great for making assets and small […]

  • I like the Airline Pilot Guy podcast because it brings all the most interesting aviation news stories into one place. Its also nice to hear the opinions of the hosts because most of them are airline pilots. […]

  • Nathan wrote a new post, photogrammetry, on the site NathanFuentes 7 years, 1 month ago

    Photogrammetry is the science of making 3D measurements from 2D photos. Photogrammetry is often used to make 3D maps and object on maps like buildings, it’s also used to make 3D models for animations, video games, […]

  • ThumbnailI have been wanting to make an x-ray machine for quite a while, but only recently found a tube and power supply that were not too expensive. An x-ray tube works by shooting a beam of electrons from an aluminum […]

  • ThumbnailThe Fold by Peter Clines is a book about a guy named Mike Erikson who is a school teacher with a photographic memory. One day his friend offers him a job to go out into to desert and investigate a team of DARPA […]

  • Thumbnail This week we attempted the first launch of the sugar rocket. We packed one of the rockets and added a stick for stability, then we brought it outside for the launch. We used a peace of PVC pipe clamped in a vice […]

  • This week we made two test rocket engines. We started by putting some clay kitty litter in a coffee grinder and grinding it into a fine powder. Next we made a stick that we used for measuring and packing the […]

  • How Newton’s Laws of Motion Apply to Rockets.

    Newtons first law states that a object in motion will remain in motion and a object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. This is […]

  • Thumbnail Today we experimented with potassium nitrate and sugar reactions. So far we have only tried a 1:1 ratio of sugar to potassium nitrate but next week we will start to test deferent ratios. We tested the fuel in a […]

  • Nathan wrote a new post, Sugar Rocket 1, on the site NathanFuentes 7 years, 3 months ago

    A sugar rocket is a rocket with a sugar based fuel. The fuel has two main parts the fuel and the oxidizer. In a sugar rocket the fuel is sugar and the oxidizer is usually potassium nitrate, other things can be […]

  • ThumbnailHarry Eng was the first to popularize impossible bottles. He was a magician, inventor, and school teacher who loved to make people think. Harry put all kinds of things in his bottles, most of them bigger then the […]

  • Nathan wrote a new post, Plasma, on the site NathanFuentes 7 years, 4 months ago

    ThumbnailThis is a picture of my hand held Tesla coil that we were experimenting with today. The arc between the tip and the pear is emitting light because electrons that have been shot off the tip collide with an […]

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