• Compiled by: Nariman Moustafa

    What is this all about?
    In the summer of 2016, in partnership with Agile Learning Centers, I conducted a 12 day training for facilitators on self-directed and agile education. Below is a combination of the documentations and testimonials participants created during and post the experience. I see these pieces and videos as the best and closest capture of the experience. It is seen through the eyes of the people who lived it.

    Participants had the freedom to blog in whichever way suitable to them. Some wrote their thoughts on their Facebook accounts, some posted it here on the website and others video blogged. I hope you enjoy the read and get a feel of what this experience is about – although it is never like living it!

    A day by day journey
    Aya Ashour is a children’s facilitator and a math teacher. She works to link Math to life applications and body movements. She is also a writer and a blogger. Aya documented the 9 days she attended as part of the training program in 4 pieces of writing. Her blog posts, a beautiful documentation of her daily lived experience in the program, insights, questions and confusions all come in fresh from her eyes. Documented in the Arabic language on the Zedny website, an Arab education news network: here (part 1), here (part 2), here (part 3) and she concludes it all here (part 4).

    New insights that light up
    Noha Zahra is a director and a chairwoman of AlResala Language School, a private national school. She has more than 10 years of experience in the education sector from management to pedagogy. For this program to come to life, Noha opened to us, organizers and facilitators, the doors of her school and offered all the possible facilities pro-bono. It wouldn’t have happened without her. She created some video blogs live during the training program. One of them is on the importance of failure, a concept that lit for her during the program. In a mix of English and Arabic, you can find this video blog here.  Another one minute video blog here documenting a new insight she learned through one of the program days (also a mix of English and Arabic).

    A conclusion of it all
    Heba Zayed is a neurosemantics and a self-actualization coach and trainer. She deals with different audiences including parents to coach them to leave their fears behind and trust their children. Heba wrote a few reflections on her personal Facebook account. You can find screen shots of these reflections below English and Arabic. 

    Participants voices

    Amira Saad is one of the program organizers. She is a homeschooling mother, a Montessori teacher and trainer, the founder of a parents skills development center in Egypt and an Arab region social media influencer when it comes to parenting and alternative education. She decided to capture her share in the form of a video blog that documents her own insights and that of many of the program participants too. You can meet all participants virtually and see the summary of their insights and voices in this video blog in Arabic here. 

    The feel of it
    Shaimaa Al-Sharif is a positive parenting trainer. She is a mother and an explorer of new forms of education for her child who is now fed up of traditional schooling. She documents the first two days of the experience in meticulous details that we, facilitators, cannot do as such. She shared her two pieces of documentations in the forms of notes with us here on this website blog.