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    Language Club Meet Up: Oct. 22

    Language club is one of my favorite times of my day here. We are getting more and more members interested in learning a language, and it’s really supporting my personal intention to become fluent in Spanish on a 5th grade level by the end of the year. Last night, as I was doing my Spanish homework for @Sassygirl26 to check and working on Duolingo, I realized that I was actually getting more fluent. I am reading the work I’m translating and figuring out meanings more and more easily!

    We did our meet-up today and we have the following to share:


    Nancy: Starting Duolingo again, strengthened 3 weak skills and passed the next checkpoint. I’ve translated 3 chapters of my Spanish grade book.

    Dean: Gotton farther in Duolingo

    Liberty: Kept up with Esperanza Rising and Spanish shopping role playing

    Alona: Passed Conjunctions in Duolingo

    Elisha: Started Duolingo and is learning food, supporting our Spanish market role play activity. Started doing Spanish homework last night assigned by Nancy

    Gabe: Started Duolingo in Spanish and passed Basaics 1, phrases, Basics 2, Food, & plurals


    Intentions to complete by next Wednesday: 

    Nancy: Keeping up Duolingo – at least 3-4 times a week, translate 2 more chapters, write a book in Spanish with Liberty and Elisha.

    Dean & Alona: Keep up Duolingo and write a song in German together using Duolingo phrases.

    Emilia: Pass animals in Duolingo

    Gabe: Pass Clothing and questions in Duolingo