• note: this is part of an ongoing series that I’m writing about the meetings we have at ALC. Check back for more, and I’ll link to them here when they’re written.
    Intentions for the Meeting
    Check-in and Change-up […]

  • Mel wrote a new post, The End of Year 3, on the site The Melicorn 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    The whole time I’ve been ALFing, there’s been something about the end of year 3. An aura, or a promise: threes are magical. When I was uncertain, blindsided by a question for the first time, moving through a sit […]

  • I can’t believe we have reached the last blog of the year!! The year has gone by soooo fast! We only have basically 3 days left because on Thursday we will be going on an all school beach trip and we have the […]

  • the Second To last week of School!!
    Oh my it is the 31st of May and we only have 10 days of school left! This year has gone so fast! But now onto the basics as usual. I’m getting quite bored of this, but I can’t […]

  • Mel wrote a new post, Tag! Tag! Tag!, on the site The Melicorn 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    This is a list of tag games that I like! We play a lot of tag, and these varieties keep it interesting. The descriptions under each are as close to word-for-word how I explain them to new players. [Notes in […]

  • Hello all.

    Today I did Japanese. We were doing traditional dance, and it was super fun and kinda easy. I got to wear a yukata, and even have my own fan! I’m getting better at writing my name in Japanese, super […]

  • Beth wrote a new post, Penn Penn Penn, on the site AgileVolleyballPlayer 3 months ago

    Last weekend, I went to Pennslyvania, whoop whoop!! I shadowed an awesome gym teacher and participated in a crossfit class. Crossfit is really different from how I train because it focuses on increasing work […]

  • Hugo wrote a new post, Monday 20th – Friday 24th, on the site Hugo's Blog 3 months ago

    This week was good. On Monday I did Set the Week, Park and Climate Justice. On Tuesday I did Math, Magic School Bus #2, Cook Noob and Chemistry. On Wednesday I did Board Game Time, Writng Time, Geogussr, Slime and […]

  • Hello all.
    Today Japanese was happening! We were making emojis like how emojis in kanji are made from the words! My favorite 1 I made was “ghost”.
    Today I also played some pizza simulator in Roblox. I was a […]

  • Mel‘s profile was updated 3 months, 1 week ago

  • A couple months ago I posted about School of the Alternative – a self-directed art camp for grownups that I applied to go play at. This week, I went and came back again. I’m still processing, and there’s a post […]

  • This week was good. On Monday I did Set the Week, WW, ALF Games and Game Show. On Tuesday I did Math, Bill Nye and Chemistry. On Wednesday I did Geogussr, Finance Club, Poker and Drew. On Thursday I did […]

  • This week was good. On Monday I did Set the Week, Bang and went to the Park. On Tuesday I did Math, Bang and watched Bill Nye. On Wednesday I Read and stayed home. On Thursday I did Bouldering, Kahoot and Bang. On […]

    Hello all.
    Just a general update. Today I came to school late like around 11:00am because I slept in way too much.
    I did Japanese class, we made udon noodles and it was super good.
    Life at home has been a […]

  • I’m writing about motivation this week. People with motivation can find a reason to accomplish goals. Well, this didn’t exactly happen to me this week at the gym. I felt unmotivated but this will definitely change […]

  • This week was good. On Monday I did Set the Week, WW and Bang. On Tuesday I did Math, Bang, research and watched Bill Nye. On Wednesday I did Writing Time, Geogussr, Research and Park Trip. On Thursday I went on […]

  • My week went fabulousooo!! It was a short week because of my spring break vacay but I made a lot of friends. I am very proud of myself, not only did I have a great time but I aslo formed friendships that will […]

  • Hello all. Today I am here to give you the official lyrics to Mitski’s “Nobody”. The lyrics come from the official site on Genius. I adore the popular song, and with this you’ll be able to sing along! Mitski has […]

  • This week was okay. The first week back from break. Half of the break I was sick but I made both my parents sick so its okay. It got really warm. I wore a coat anyway. I walked Frans dog for a week but I wont be […]

  • I was working on this blog post but then we were retelling jokes and redrawing old drawings and talking about your flesh seashells aka your ears and old timey music and queerbaiting and the Titanic and who belongs […]

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