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    I don’t know if people read this, but I’m hoping for some advice from people who are running small schools. We are starting a school, hopefully by next school year. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, EXCEPT for one problem… finding a location! I live in an apartment and am currently on very limited finances since I’m taking a year off of…[Read more]

    • My advice is to look for places like churches, synagogues, and community centers that own their spaces. Religious affiliated spaces are especially good because they often aren’t taxed the same way other businesses are, and therefore don’t need to charge as much rent.

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    Another week is coming to an end. Another week full of activities and classes. A trip to Museum Of Design Atlanta to view their exhibit on arts and craftivism. A lot of enrichment plans in the works. A lot of […]

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    Tuesday and Wednesday, the first two days of school, were exhausting. The kids level of excitement and energy, though understandable, was overwhelming. It made it hard for me to exist peacefully inside. To keep […]

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    We start each school year out with an orientation. It’s great for getting the whole school community in the same room and on the same page. United and informed about the year ahead.

    WE give updates on changes […]

  • “One of the secrets to staying young is to always do things you don’t know how to do, to keep learning.” – Ruth Reichl


    this is literally how i make a living.

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    Heartwood is about to start its third operating year. WOW! How did we get here?

    It’s been a hard, long, and sometimes very stressful journey. A lot of personal development and new perspectives. The school has […]

  • Has anyone been wondering where I’ve been? I haven’t forgotten about the school! As of late, though, I’ve been pretty busy with some family issues. My uncle, who lives in Chicago, is battling Parkinson’s. My […]

  • Probably the biggest challenge I am coming across while working to start a school is figuring out where the school will be. I live in a small apartment, and even if the management company would allow a school […]

  • Hi everyone! On my timeline of things I need to do in order to make my little school a reality, I am dedicating the summer to researching and reading. I am currently reading School’s Over, by Jerry Mitz. The […]

  • Right now my little school is still in the beginning planning stages, but I like to do a lot of my planning in writing. Today I wrote these Q and A that would be geared towards parents of children with special […]

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    This is my first blog entry. I just went through my monthly budget and determined that I could afford the membership fee right now. I am in the very beginning process of starting a school. So early in the process, […]


    This week a lot of us from school went to Asheville from Tuesday morning, to Wednesday evening. It was about a 2 hour drive, once we got there we visited an alpaca farm. They were sheering the alpacas […]

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    Greeetings. I did not post a blog last week, or the week before… so yeah.

    On Monday I played Fortnite, yes i’ve been sucked into the vortex. Drew a little bit. also played Binding of Isaac Afterbirth plus. […]

  • This week a group of us left for Atlanta on Tuesday morning at 6:15. Elisha, Alona, Me, Melissa, Ayan, Caleb , Ethan, Tessa and Evan was who went. We were all interested in visiting another ALC, there is one in […]

  • This week I
    played outside

    i read

    i did khan

    i played the piano and guitar

    i did a lot of gardening

    i finished the office. 😭

    I went to the library

    i did Ethan’s welcome thing

    i got a ne […]

    Monday: Geography

    History mystery


    NOTES: I doubt I only did three things today, I just didn’t document what I did on Monday, so this is just what I recall doing.


    Tuesday: […]

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