• Mostly thinking of @failspy @kingthanos @jacobcb as I write this, but here are a bunch of resources for anyone in NYC over the break and unsure of how to keep adventuring while school is closed 🙂

    Free museums! […]

  • I can happily report that I’ve accomplished 10 of 11 intentions I set on Monday!

    If you count eating the pizza as support (and I definitely do), I accomplished helping @abbyo and @failspy with pizza-making on Monday.  They made thin crust margarita-style pizza, and it was super tasty.

    @legolad22 and @likeaboss joined me on Tuesday for a Razor scooter workshop.  We disassembled one scooter completely, and the other two partially.  As I detached some of the rustier, harder to move parts, Logan and Lescot used Simple Green and WD-40 to clean and lubricate the parts.  We intend to continue work on the scooters next week.



    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest philosophy with @kingthanos was AWESOME.  @likeaboss and @shadowjack joined Thanos and I to watch this classic.  Everyone had great analysis and it was really interesting to see how everyone’s perception of McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) changed as the film progressed.  We started off feeling like he was an antagonist, but ended up feeling empathy for him by the end.



    In Wikitrails this week, we did a random wandering, ala version 1.0.  Also, The Lorax joined us for a guest-star trail on Friday.  We went from Wilhelm Reich to Arne Duncan and Lee Harvey Oswald to Michael Vick.

    Hip-Hop lyrical analysis with @kingthanos was really deep.  We looked at songs by Immortal Technique and Nas.  Read more about it here.

    So Gueoguessr didn’t go as well as I’d hoped… we scored in the high 7,000’s, which was only slightly better than half of my intended goal from Monday.  Declaring failure-

    In Woodworking with @shadowjack this week, we began our bookshelf project.  @kingthanos and I went to a lumber yard on 106th st. and 2nd ave to get some domestic birch plywood sheets.  We actually wheeled them all the way back to the school on a dolly… really wish I had a picture or video to show from this.  Anyway, Jack and I drew out our plans and made some initial cuts.  Despite careful measurement, we couldn’t seem to get a straight edge and were baffled as to why… until we noticed that our T-square wasn’t square!  So, I will be taking a trip to the hardware store this weekend to buy a new one so that we can continue this project next week.

    That’s all I have time for this afternoon-  Looking forward to a busy and exciting final week of 2014 @ALC that will feature a trip to see the third installment of the Hobbit trilogy.

    With love and agility,



  • Today, @kingthanos and I meet for the first time to analyze lyrics from two of our favorite hip-hop artists.

    First, we looked at Immortal Technique‘s “4th Branch:”

    This song explores the concept of the “4th Branch” of the U.S. government, identified by Technique as U.S. corporate media interests.


    We discussed the hypocrisy of the U.S. “war on terrorism” and doctrine of “bringing democracy to the oppressed,” which Technique highlights by referencing events in Iraq, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Jenin (Palestine).


    The second song we examined was “I Gave You Power,” by Nas.


    In this one, Nas personifies a gun, rapping about his purpose and (mis)use.  His gun-self tells us why he was made:

    “I was made to kill, that’s why they keep me concealed.”

    “My creation was for Blacks to kill Blacks.”

    This interestingly led @kingthanos and I to think of the same scene from the movie, Friday:

    What kind of power does the gun give?

    He gives confidence, the power to take a life, but not safety and security– “I see niggas bleeding, running from me in fear.  Stunningly tears fall down the eyes of these so-called tough guys.”

    In the end, the gun rebels against it’s very purpose, and decides to jam itself to prevent another senseless killing:

    “He pulled the trigger but I held on, it felt wrong // Knowing niggas is waiting in hell for him // He Squeezed harder, I didn’t budge, sick of the blood // Sick of the thugs, sick of the wrath of the next man’s grudge.”

    Unfortunately, there is another that is willing, and the gun’s owner is shot down.  It isn’t the gun that kills- it only gives the power- it’s the human with his finger on the trigger.

  • From my head

    The past week has been an entirely new level of sharing ALC with new faces in new places. These experiences have inspired me to explore deeper into the different languages (or levels of explanation) we use in order to effectively communicate the culture and purpose of ALC.

    Abby (@abbyo) and I began creating a diagram which will clearly illustrate how to share ALC and with whom. Here’s a general break down of the with-whom:

    EDUCATORS within and/or PARENTS with kids who attend…

    traditional schools (public/private)
    alternative education models

    tech-y schools
    project-based learning schools
    Montessori, Waldorf, Sudbury, free schools, etc.
    homeschool, unschool

    I believe that this project will result in a highly useful tool for anyone who chooses to both learn more about and support ALC by sharing it with others.



    From my heart

    I’d like to share a couple of significant moments for me from last week…

    Thanos (@kingthanos) approached me about his concern for his mom since she was going through surgery that day. He brought this to my attention while I was sitting in on Javair’s (@failspy) Philosophy of Economics forum. I stepped out of the room and sat us in a quiet space so that I could hear him out. He talked it out. I listened. We meditated and practiced visualizing a successful outcome of his mom’s surgery. I shared with him something that I practice when I’m feeling worried or anxious about anything. It’s the practice of tuning into the quiet space we each have within us, that no one else can touch, and that we can use to activate our highest intentions for ourselves and others. I feel confident that this discussion was useful to him and that he’ll be practicing this more as he said he would. Deeply grateful that he opened up to me about his concern for his mom. By this, he allowed me to powerfully share with him a new way of thinking and seeing through the inner eye.
    Over the weekend, a new friend of mine from GABRIELA, attentively listened to my sharing about ALC. Afterwards, they shared with me that they and their partner both work in education but at the complete opposite spectrum from what I had shared–one end being a space of liberation and the other end being a space of oppression. It touched me when they mentioned how frustrated they were about the education models they’re involved with because of how these are systems which roboticize children and kills off what it means to be a kid/human. “Nowadays, it’s a luxury for kids to be kids”. Their statement struck me. It’s the sickening truth. They went on to say that they were happy to hear that places like ALC even exist. That we hold space for kids so that they can actually be kids and explore themselves and the world around them without first being forced to be something they’re not.
    Grateful to know that I, like everyone else,
    have the power to create the changes I want to see in the world…

  • @kingthanos @tomis @theskycookie hey guys there is a cool (FREE) course on music sound production that you may want to do with me. Starts on Feb 2nd. Follow the link, and sign up. https://www.coursera.org/course/musicproduction

  • http://youtu.be/0q-S1U5w7fA

    Been dancing around to this springy song over the last two weeks. Enjoy!

    Speaking of the last two weeks, a looong deeep breath first.

    (looong deeep breath)

    It’s been a whirlwind of surprises. A tsunami of breakthroughs. A roller coaster of emotions. An epic explosion of new life-long relationships. It feels like I’ve been riding on the shoulders of giants. Like I can take on the world with the tip of my pinky toe.

    Yup, you probably guessed it. I inherited a billion dollars!! Just kidding. Feeling this high on such wealth of happiness and inspiration makes a billion dollars seem pretty shrimpy, actually.

    So what the hell happened over the past couple of weeks?

    I flew to San Francisco and reunited with one of my best friends, Carolina.

    We went to a halloween party at a grand re-opening of a club where I met a bunch of crazy cool Sebastopol dwellers along with a few Hawai’i locals; one of them being a local musician who performs all over the world. I shared ALC with him and that I’m establishing one on Oahu. Much to my surprise, he was full-heartedly stoked about all of it. Also, turns out that he used to be a preschool teacher and intends to work with children again during and/or after his music career. Words can’t come close to expressing how excited and grateful I am to have him part of this journey. Ah-mazing.

    Carolina lovingly drove us up north for a couple of hours as we danced in our seats to the song shared above.

    I met a bunch of people prior to arriving at a ranch in the middle of a breath-takingly beautiful nowhere; one of them being a dude, Kyle, that I knew back when I was age seven and living in Japan. We realized that we went to the same elementary school and when he mentioned the name of his younger brother, my jaw dropped because of an ENTIRE story behind my connection with him. Lets just say that I was bullied by this dude and I therefore, bullied his little brother. And got reprimanded by their mother. What a small small small small world. To have reunited with Kyle 19 years later for an intense personal development course is beyond me! How awesome to see how much we both have grown after all these years.

    I attended PSI-7, a seven-day advanced life-success course with eighty other people from around the country (one of them from Nigeria, seventeen of us from Hawai’i). We went down into a deep dark rabbit hole of emotional clearing, extended periods of silent reflection, and partner/group challenges. We also did some ropes courses to directly feel and examine how we show up in the world; how we show up in our relationships with others and in the relationship we have with ourselves. Through all the crying, laughing, breakthroughs, coaching, dancing, and silence, we developed an incredible bond built on trust, honesty, and courage. What a powerful experience to share such a space of vulnerability and personal growth with people whom I just met. I confidently consider these new friends as family. Beyond grateful to have them in my life.

    Along with expanding deeper into my own self-growth, I created this opportunity to share my vision for ALC Oahu. With that, I had some powerful conversations with parents around the major shifts happening in the education system today. It was so exciting for me to learn that some of the parents I spoke with were ready and willing to jump into alternative models for one or more of their kids. YES!

    I flew to LA to spend time with Grandma and younger cousins. What a sweet surprise that my mom flew in from Hawai’i and my brother from Washington. My little cousin, Christle, has dramatically improved in her reading since I last saw her over the summer. We took turns reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. The last time we tried this, I noticed she was getting impatient with the story and length of the book. This time, we got through the book and picked up another one: Finding Nemo. Then she got tired of it and picked up a different book. We laid next to each other and read in silence; she was reading a book on Benjamin Franklin and I was reading a book called The Law of Divine Compensation.

    After a conversation I had with Christle about her fear of needles, I proposed that we sew something by hand with the intention of dissolving this fear. Her first idea was to sew a pillow, then she decided on a teddy bear. We asked Grandma for her sewing supplies and sewing skills/knowledge. We began the project and I quickly realized how much I’d forgotten how to sew. I enjoyed witnessing my Grandma show Christle how to sew and Christle having fun with the whole process. I know it’ll take a bit more convincing to have Grandma trust Christle with her sewing machine. It’ll happen in good time…

    I flew back to NYC and immediately reunited with @bear at the airport. He had just flown back from attending a conference in Uganda called Education That Pays For Itself 2014 partnered with Teach a Man to Fish. It was so moving to hear his stories and personal reflections. And to feel his excitement in moving ALC forward through new connections, new friends, new ideas, new partnerships. Inspiring as always.

    I spent one day at ALC this week before my body demanded that I slow down and rest. I had been gone for just over a week yet it felt like an eternity! Super stoked that I got a chance to catch up with @tomis, @abbyo, @ryanshollenberger. Also super stoked that I got to have some awesome conversations with @kingthanos and learned that he intends to become an ALF (Agile Learning Facilitator) in the future–at ALC Oahu! And then eventually open up an ALC in California. Right on, Thanos!

    Most recently, I’ve grown more aware of an incredibly magical and supportive relationship I have with my dear friend, Devlin, who is launching The Rock and Roll Playhouse in Brooklyn. She’s such an inspirational force and I am thrilled to feel her support around promoting ALC to her vast array of local connections.


    Feeling so supported and loved.
    Grateful for all of it.


    There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

    Albert Einstein


  • I’ll tell you where… to the BLOGS!   =)

    I want to lead with an awesome GIF (click the image below to see it) @abram made for me, which I woke up to this morning:



    This week featured some good work in Minecraft.  Today, I participated in “Blocks vs Zombies,” a fun game made by Seth Bling, a famous ‘Crafter.  The object is to prevent wave after wave of zombies from reaching your position as you pick them off with bows and arrows.  You can also purchase various upgrades, barriers, cannons, and even a scroll to spawn Iron Golems.  I played with @theskycookie, @douglasawesome, @legolad22, @likeaboss, and @thewitchqueen908.  We tried a few times, but couldn’t make it farther than 5 mins (you must survive for 20mins to win).

    On Thursday, a group of Agile Philosophers met to discuss a topic we first opened last year… Spongebob!  We watched 3 episodes (“Slide Whistle Stooges,” “Ripped Pants,” and “Sandcastles in the Sand”) and discussed our observations and questions afterwards.  At first we focused on meta-questions of Bikini Bottom, which was sparked by some observations by @kingthanos.  These included things like:

    -Why would a squirrel want to live at the bottom of the ocean?

    -(How) can a fish get sunburn?

    -How is there a beach with waves (“The Goo Lagoon”) underwater?

    …the final question led to some cool outside research about oceanography.  We did some research on what a lagoon actually is and what sort of creatures can actually live at the bottom of the ocean, especially in the really deep parts where the sun’s rays have practically no effect on life there.

    Most interesting was our discussion on some aspects of “Ripped Pants.”  My personal favorite was a discussion on whether a lobster, a squirrel, or a sponge could best perform a clean and press.  It led to a discovery of the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, and ultimately it was decided the squirrel could do this the best, despite the relative strength of the lobster’s exoskeleton (mostly because of its limited range of motion).  We also learned how a lobster must shed its entire shell when it grows!

    That’s about all I have time for today.  Until next week- stay agile, man.


    With love and agility,



  • I was so busy Monday morning with new visiting students, facilitating set-the-week meeting, and getting ready for our trip to Swing-a-ring that I didn’t get to blog about my weekly intentions.  Despite that fact, I’m going to reflect on them now to the best of my ability.

    As I mentioned, Monday I took a trip to “Swing-a-ring” with @douglasawesome, @thewitchqueen908, and @adengamer.  Thanks to @douglasawesome for recommending this- it was insanely fun.



    Tuesday went as Tuesday usually does- fast and in a flurry of wikis and virtual travel around the globe.  We also had an interesting philosophy discussion today about the origins of Halloween.  We discussed how it was/is celebrated in other countries, as well as why humans choose to celebrate a “day of the dead” (i.e. is it really for the benefit of the dead or the living).


    Wednesday and Thursday I played Chronology with @shadowjack and @timotree.  I won a close battle against @timotree on Wednesday after @KingThanos and @shadowjack #attentionspanquit and #ragequit respectively.

    On Thursday, some of the kids took a trip (organized by @jacobcb) to see Dracula:  Untold.  I stayed back and watched a documentary about Notch, Mojang, and the making of Minecraft (see it here: http://vimeo.com/96955900).

    Today I did some work on the Star Wars group, including making my first meme and posting some of my favorite clips from the films:

    Super pumped to have @adengamer and @KingThanos joining us soon!


    Til next week agilillies!