• Joshua Barbin posted an update 4 years ago

    Is there a toolkit on this site that I am not seeing? When I signed up it said there would be a toolkit.

    • Emily replied 4 years ago

      Hi Joshua,
      Welcome to ALC! We’re excited to have you here!! Are you talking about the ALC Starter Kit? It should come to you in an email. Was there a place where you requested it? If you haven’t received it yet, you can shoot an email to [email protected] letting them know you still need it 🙂

      • Hi Emily, I responded to your email, but will also respond here. I have already read the Beta Kit 2x but in the membership advertising and in the Kit itself it talked about additional tools for members. I am particularly interested in the sliding-scale enrollment and financial aid worksheet that were mentioned in the starter kit.

        • Emily replied 4 years ago

          Ah… I see what you’re saying. The slide and the worksheet are both components of the ALC websites (we’ve attempted to add them to an already established website and I hear you have to have a really advanced coder on your team to manage it. We just ended up transitioning to the ALC site.) They are specific plugins designed for the ALC template wordpress websites. Once you have and ALC website, they look like this: http://freetolearn.agilelearningcenters.org/enroll/tuition-information/
          If you are interested you should get a response back from that [email protected] email you sent (that doesn’t go to me) which will hook you up :). If you don’t hear back, you can stay in contact with me on this thread. Is your group already meeting with everything (website, etc.) set up, or are you still gathering momentum getting ready to open?

        • Emily replied 4 years ago
          • Thank you Emily, we appreciate your and Tomis’ help. These tools will be extremely helpful. We have a basic Wix website now, but we in the process of developing our own right now with a developer. Speaking of, I am not sure I am up to speed with understanding this website and how the monthly meetings work. Is there any type of walk through about how to get the most out of this platform?