• Great. Glad Rebecka is there working with you all 🙂

    We are planning to redesign ALC Membership (and member benefits) in early 2017. To this point, we’ve reserved the full access to all our documents on Google Drive to folks who have been through and ALF Summer training experience with us. We may wind up creating different folders with different…[Read more]

  • Hi Guillermo,

    I’m not sure there are any tools and practices that will magically instill cleanliness and order in at an ALC, unless I’m misunderstanding your questions.

    Are you saying you’re having trouble getting students to participate in cleaning up? Or are you asking about tools for making visible what cleaning needs to get done?

    Can you…[Read more]

  • This was our first full week trying out the Challenge Sprints structure. I’m enjoying having more time with students and doing more facilitation when I’m at school, especially because it is a specific kind of […]

    • It’s really fun having you at school and facilitating! Thank you for all you do 🙂

    • Jamie replied 3 years ago

      Thank you, Tomis and Mosaic students!! I appreciate the sharing and it’s been helpful to see the Trello and project breakdown examples. I’m enjoying the near real time implementation of the Sprint tool with my own students…I’m curious about how I’ll use this tool to share our first year experiences in a manner worthy a read. Thank you for holding such incredible space for fellow learners. Grateful.

  • At ALC Mosaic, we’ve mostly used “Roots” and “Branches” to distinguish between our locations and the programs/ages that they serve. However, in that separation, there’s also some distinctions in how our ALC model […]

    • This seems so great for the older kids. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    • Very interesting. Want to remember this when I start with the teens down here.

      • When will that be? Sounds like you got your hands full with the little ones and the after-school program. Are you expecting to work with teens in the context of the after-school program or in some other way?

    • Hi T-
      It is tough to do much with that information alone, yes. Feel free to extrapolate on why this doesn’t resonate with you and your experience.

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  • Timo–

    I really like where we got with the proposal that was implemented today.

    Thanks for hanging in there and collaborating with everyone on it!

    I enjoyed hanging out this week 🙂

    Come to ALF Summer!


  • Last week I spent four days in Orlando, FL collaborating with a dozen other folks who are working with Agile practices in Education at the Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering. Most of us met for the first time […]

  • It was about two years ago when Nancy and I started planning the first ALF Summer. We needed to find a space that would work for the program, and Mosaic needed a bigger space for the school, as it was outgrowing […]

  • “Hey, I’d love to collaborate with you!”

    For people who love to please others, are mostly inspired by the endless possibilities they see, or feel like they are overwhelmed and lacking too many abilities they […]

  • Great. yeah, let us know what he says. He probably has more experience with this than us. The rules in the US for granting diplomas are based on which State you’re in, so it is hard to say how it works here universally. The problem with one of our schools doing this for you is that we are “out there” or “radical” to the government and what they…[Read more]

  • Guillermo,

    Have you reached out to Jerry Mintz at AERO about this?

  • This week I was pleased to finally nail down the dates (and one of the locations) for Peter Gray speaking events in NYC and Charlotte. I love Peter’s work and I’m super excited about having connected with him and […]

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    @sassygirl26 I saw your support email regarding getting to the bottom of the “my sites” list. It’s pretty wonky..you can’t scroll down like you’d think you should be able to. What you *can* do is click “My Sites” and it will take you to a different page that list all your sites and you should have no trouble seeing them all there.

  • The ALC educational model is emergent, meaning it is constantly “coming into being”. Just like people, especially young people. When you build a framework for something that is supposed to serve people, by nat […]

    • Liam replied 4 years ago

      Wow, great post Tomis.

    • Powerful post!

      It pushes the question of control and community and how one seems to negate the other through the application of “power”.


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    @jones1501 Welcome Marion!!

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    A year ago at our first ALF Weekend (October 2014) we did an exercise where we each mapped our work by answering the following questions, all in an ALC/ALF context:

    What do I do?

    What gives me juice?

    What […]

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  • When I decided to join @artbrock‘s Emerging Leader Labs to develop the culture, vision, and brand of the ALC project, I brought with me a strong motivation to address the various challenges I experienced working […]

    • You’re welcome, Tariq! Thanks for reading; I’m glad it was informative for you.

      I am familiar with project-based learning, but I’ve never spent any time implementing it in any official way. I agree that its concepts are a step in the right direction, as it can support self-organization, self-direction and more open-ended “learning”. As a tool in a large arsenal of possible tools, I like it. As another methodology that is used to get adult-created and adult-directed curriculum to be more effective, then it falls short. In this case, it is simply another progressive education approach, but not a fundamental shift in the approach to education.

      Our concept of learning and education are so incredibly narrow in our modern world; almost exclusively, discussions about learning and education are centered around young people learning content. In more complete approach to education and human development, we would recognize that there are a vast array of psycho-social needs that young people have that emerge and evolve over time. If the focus is simply on delivering content to them in a shiny and fun way, we are often overlooking the emotional intelligence and psychological health of the students.

      And so, for me, “agile”, is ultimately about beginning with the students as whole people first and allowing all learning activity to emerge from there.

    • Hey @tomis, Somehow I missed this post when you wrote it. It’s really great, and we should steal some of it’s content as a guide for new ALCs understanding/navigating the network membranes.

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