• Jackson posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    My day at summer camp

    The lady that took me in said “have a good day” but I didn’t have any fun. The morning we played on computers and all that stuff. Then we sat and listened to the teacher. Then people were yelling and not being very nice. Then we had to go back and do math worksheets. They were not fun. We had to be quiet when did them. We went swimming. That was fun.

    Then we had to sit for hours – it felt like 2 hours. We had to put our heads down on the table. They said zero talking. Then we sat again. I played football. Then we had snack, played on the computer again.

    Some of the kids were nice- only 2. One kid got us in big trouble. And we all had to sit. The teachers yelled at us – they would say zero to tell us to be quiet and then we had to sit again. We only got to play outside a little bit.

    I do not want to go back because its boring and not very fun. Instead I want to go somewhere else.