• This week was my first time voting for a presidential candidate in the New York primary.  To be honest, it really wasn’t hard to decide whom I was gonna vote for. The only candidate who seems to be looking out for […]

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    Well yes, many fan’s ears and eyes probably have from just the beginning scene of this movie alone from sheer frustration and popping a vein trying to comprehend what is going on. As a DC fan myself, I have to […]

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    The main thing I wanted to talk about this week is something I was hearing roaming around for the past couple of days and have been reading about from various numerous different articles. Apparently the […]

  • I’m not generally one for hashtags, but I also don’t want a giant name-calling child and serial trash talker like Mr. Donald Drumpf as my president. So with that, watch John Oliver’s video on him. Share it, […]

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    What can I say really about this movie? Well it’s based on a comic book anti-hero who is beloved by all sorts of fans around the world, whether or not they’re Marvel or DC fans or neither […]

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  • I kinda spent the majority of the week working on my graduation project. A bit from home and a bit at school too but there wasn’t much eventful things going on here I’d say. But next week, I believe my next blog […]

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    I had worked a lot on my website a lot this week more so, especially my graduation project. Both of these have been going along well and I’m glad I’m managing to find the time to do both but as far as anything […]

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    Not much going on. I did find out recently that Fox is making another X-Men movie after Apocalypse (for you X-Men movie fans.) It centers around Gambit and the details of it are not exactly out yet but should be […]

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    So this week we talked about why pennies are useless in our currency and just in general. Or a few of us did at some point in the week. And funny enough, John Oliver did a segment on pennies and his own views of […]

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    I don’t really have much at all to say this week. But it was a good week so far, despite a machine literally eating my metro-card and trying to find my way home downtown with that happening. Was not at all entertaining.

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    I got around to seeing another movie as well when I was seeing Star Wars. The movie Creed is a film that takes place after the old Rocky movies but is more so a spin-off than it is continuing Rocky’s own saga. […]

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    So, during the beginning of winter break, I got to see Star Wars The Force Awakens for the first time after much dread and at the same time, anticipation for what I was gonna see. Would it be as good as the […]

    • Great analysis, Jacob. Don’t discount Han Solo’s death yet- I think it could end up being a lot more heroic than we’ve been shown yet…

      @abram proposed an interesting theory related to this, which I’m excited to discuss in Star Wars philosophy when we get back to school.

      Thanks for the shout-out to my review, by the way =)

    • Nice review Jacob. Yeah I’m pretty excited to talk about my theory, thanks @ryanshollenberger for mentioning it.

      Questions we should explore: who is Ray in relation to Kylo? Seems like they are playing out the Vader/Luke struggle of evil/good. I’m expecting a much more intelligent plot twist than ‘cousins’ fighting over dark/light FYI.

      Wtf is Luke doing anyway? Just sitting on an island while the “force is awakening”? Is he just crying over his failed training of Kylo? (Ryan: or are Kylo and Luke plotting this out?) Sends out pieces of a puzzle so he can be found. Why?

      On the death of Han: replay the dialogue before he dies in your mind. What are the potential implications? Why would Kylo thank Han for making it easy for him to kill him? Why would he kill his dad?

      The thing that I liked about this film much more than the prequels was the number of questions it leaves unanswered. It makes for a much richer text. Lucas’ real failing as a script writer is that he is so dogmatic about what he intends. The real flaw in the whole dearth earth bunks theory was always that we have to remember: Lucas loves to spell things out for us to the point of idiocy.

      I think your 8/10 is a rating I can get behind.

    • Also, looking forward to the spin offs that should be released this year. The one about the team that stole the original Death Star plans. Classic retro Star Wars will be awesome. (Never understood why prequel tech seemed more advanced than the originals, thanks GL).

    • OMG that movie was great!

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    I had some interesting moments this week in terms of what I’ve been doing or what I’ve seen other people doing. Went to the park and got to talk with @bear and his friend Caroline and it was a nice little walk I […]

  • This week I mainly worked on JavaScript on Khan Academy and learning more about it here and there. Was definitely informative to stuff that I’m looking to know. I also mainly spent my week listening to Star Wars […]

  • The first half week here has been good. Relaxing to say the least as we’re all integrating ourselves back into the schedule of getting up in the morning to go to school. I know I am! Anyhow, I spent the week […]

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