• I don’t have a favorite video game. I always have a main game, one that I’m always playing, but I wouldn’t say that my main game is my favorite. I can always find flaws, I can always find places for the game to […]

  • this week, with the reinstatement of video games in cloudhouse, i took a nostalgia trip with my friend milo into a game called realm of the mad god, or RoTMG for short. we had been obsessed with this a few years ago, so it was a large trip down memory lane. jumping back into the game, the one thing i noticed was that the economy had changed. the game itself is based around battling monsters to get items and XP to improve your character. there is also a trade function, so if you have an item you dont want you can trade it for an item you do want. now, however, with the game’s increased size and popularity, the game introduced in-game currency and and a store, so you can spend real money to get in-game items. the game became less beginner friendly as the main way to improve was to buy your way into the system and improve from there. most games eventually do this, and end up holding onto their old players, and only pulling in new ones if they had money. an efficient scheme if you ask me.

    it sucks though. games always end up buying out, even if they already make money. it means that to find good games, a good strategy is to look for new and developing ones (this only applies to MMOs) rather than older ones.

  • i wanna be a plant. maybe a cactus. imagine being able to survive on little to no water, not really needing anything, just chilling. maybe also a succulent. they’re really nice. i totally adore them. i want a lot […]

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    Motivation is an incentive,
    it’s the thing that keeps you


    not something to run towards
    and desperately reach for,
    but something to push you from behind.
    Keep on moving.


    Success is ephemeral,
    it’s an ever receding


    but we can never touch it,
    Only strive to reach it.
    And in that striving achieve our goa…[Read more]

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    this week (in NYC) I played far to many video games, barely got any work done, and saw a lot of new people. this was my first time an Agile, and it was super fun! i mostly played Awesomenauts, LoL, and Starcraft. I also played on the agile minecraft server a little. Staying at Timo’s house was pretty fun, too. (thank you!) I hope to be down here again. 😀

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