• So this is my last day with ALC and I decided that I’d blog/reflect about this year, and other things that I could’ve done. My goal of meeting marine biologists and doing more hands on stuff wasn’t completely […]

  • Today I didn’t really know what to blog about so I decided to blog about blogging. I know it sounds pretty stupid and yes you’re right it does sound really […]

  • So for spring break I went to Japan with my mom and brother for two weeks. The first place that we went to in Japan was Hokkaido, quite a different place( I’m emphasizing on the temperature) from Hawaii, but I […]

  • This March I will be going to Japan during the winter(at least for Hokkaido) for the first time. I have been to Japan many times, but it has always been during summer break. So I’m really looking forward to being […]

  • This week (which started on Tuesday due to Monday being a holiday), we hiked on the Judd trail, which is in the Nu’uanu area. Our intention was actually to go to Jackass Ginger, a pond nearby, but due to a lack of […]

  • This week Nina’s friend Khris took us to an area of Kawainui marsh that only people who work for DLNR or people who are escorted by a DLNR worker can access. The marsh is an amazing place crowded with birds and […]

  • This week we were talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and one question that came up was what would the world be like if racial segregation had never existed?  In my opinion, the world would still not be entirely […]

  • My first few weeks back at ALC have been good so far. I went to a pretty nice park, an awesome beach, and the aquarium. And of course I’ve been doing all kinds of fun things indoors. So, on my first day back, we […]

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    Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I hope you all are having a great new year. My New Years Day was pretty good. It was filled with parties, presents, friends, and family. I ate lots of mochi and soba for New Years[it […]

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    Looking back at 2015, I realize that this was a pretty good year filled with parties, learning, new friends, and lots of fun.                                                                  Ok, I’ll start with […]

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    This weekend, Ive been doing many fun things. First,on saturday, I had a party with my football team. It was at a very nice condo somewhere in Kahala. It was a pool party and there was a slide and a bunch of other […]

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    Recently,I have been very busy with my pets. To be honest, all I have is a bunch of fish and other aquatic creatures. Although its challenging to maintain all of the fish tanks these guys live in, its very […]

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    For me, there are many things I have an interest in.War time history and  marine biology are two of my favorite subjects. I also have a passion for tennis and football, and I love taking care of my fish.           […]

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    This week Ive been doing many things at ALC. here are some things Ive been doing here this week.                                                                                                            . […]

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    Love being at ALC Oahu! Here are some of the things Ive been doing here at ALC Oahu:                                                                                                                                 […]

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