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    • I’m excited to see the Star Wars Group and the Star Wars Resources. I just happen to have hundreds, if not thousands, of Star Wars action figures, ships, and other items such as puzzles, books, and Star Wars Monopoly.

      I see a great opportunity for the kids at ALC Mosaic to engage in a fundraising activity that will teach them the various facets of setting up and running an online business. I will give 50% of all sells of my Star Wars collection to ALC Mosaic in hopes that it will help sustain the school financially for a while. We may need some help in getting started with an entrepreneur.agilelearningcenters.org website with marking and sells widgets. Other options such as Ebay, Amazon, and other online sites may also be useful for selling the toys and letting the world know about our Agile Community.

      By the way, I have thousands of other toys as well. Let’s all have fun raising some money for our schools, and seeing new growth of our Agile Communities.