• Hey! who wants to join me in this MOOC on ‘learning how to learn’? 4 weeks. The month of January. Could be good to let the teens know too. @abbyo @ninablanco @tomis @drew @ryanshollenberger @bear @dthomasson @nancy https://www.coursera.org/course/learning

  • @drew @nina @bear after hearing some sad news of a couple of deaths in Yuendumu (a remote indigenous community), I found this lovely article from November. http://schoolingtheworld.org/ much? #agiletoolboxnow
    [bpfb_link url=’http://www.smh.com.au/comment/salvation-at-hand-for-hapless-aborigines-20141115-11n375.html’ title=’S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N. at…[Read more]

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    Nice to meet you Ephraim! I actually don’t know how allow others to subscribe. I post blogs pretty regularly – I try to do it weekly. I’ll check with @Drew and @Tomis, who help us run the website, to see if that’s […]

  • Slow lines at the bank means I’ve lost half of blogging hour. I intended to finish a post that’s been drafted for a few weeks, but I’ll have to keep that backlogged for now. Instead, here’s a look back at what transpired this week, and what I’m looking forward to in the coming month.

    The growth of ALC Mosaic

    My week began by finishing up a handful of organizational tasks for ALC Mosaic and reflecting on the cultural progress I have been witnessing there.

    Though there were some growing pains at the beginning of the year after splitting the school into two locations (one has ages 3-6 and the other has ages 6-13), the shift has begun to bear fruit. From what I can tell @lacy is finding a nice groove with the youngsters at the Roots of Mosaic program and the culture at the main campus is really starting to gel. The staff are finding their stride, the kids are problem-solving, taking responsibility for much more, and the environment feels joyful and exciting.

    Mosaic is poised for significant growth in the next 6 to 12 months. With a solid cultural foundation, some big picture coherence in place, and more organizational structures to support the school, I expect to see some amazing things happening.

    I’m excited for the Open House we’ll be doing in January and for the presentation that @leigh put together for such event. I put together a landing page for some Facebook ads that @leigh is going to start running for the school. I’m interested to see how successful they are.

    It feels easier to do marketing and outreach in Charlotte than in NYC. It’s a small city where you can find the farmers markets and yoga studios and alternative spaces that harbor our market much easier than in NYC where there’s so much of everything and so many neighborhoods. We still need a lot of SEO help, as that is definitely the most effective way to reach the NYC market.

    What I do

    I finished a blog post I had been working on for a while at the beginning of the week that describes a process I underwent for categorizing and mapping my work. A meta-retrospective of sorts.

    Upcoming Talks

    I was excited to get confirmation this week on some talks I will be giving next month, which fulfills on an intention I’ve been holding since last spring and reaffirmed at our ALF Weekend in October. It is juicy for me to give talks in public forums about Agile Learning Centers, and these two talks will be great practice in sharing the story to different audiences from different angles.

    The first event will be in NYC at Spotify’s HQ — the final Lean/Kanban Practitioners Meetup of the year. The talk is titled: Agile as Education, which will focus on the Agile Mindset, comparing the Waterfall Method to our Industrial Education Model, and what an Agile Education might look like.

    All proceeds will go to the ALC here in NYC! I’m grateful to Jonathan, the group’s organizer for inviting me to speak and for organizing it as a fundraiser for the ALC — super awesome of him.

    The second talk will be out in Las Vegas for the next iteration of the What If…? Conference. @nancy gave a talk at the first What If…? Conference last March in Missouri.

    This talk is titled: “What If Schools Were Actually Collaborative”, and will focus on the ways in which Agile Learning Centers are designed with collaboration in the social DNA — from the micro to macro levels of what we do.

    This will be my first time to Vegas, so I’ll definitely get a few hours of poker in (!) and take @nancy to the Grand Canyon 🙂

    Planning a Self-Directed Learning Event 

    I met up with Nikhil this week to discuss plans for hosting an event in the spring. We want to have a big name speak (no spoilers yet) about places in which the new pardigm of education is taking route, then have a panel of folks representing various NYC-based self-directed learning communities. The panel would answer questions about what they do and participants will have a chance to connect with the various communities that align with their needs and interests.

    ALF Summer Excitement

    I had a great time catching up with @ninablanco this week, who was just in San Francisco for the PSI Advanced: Life Success Course. We had both done the PSI Basic seminar last year (before we knew each other) and @ninablanco decided to keep climbing the latter. It was great to hear about her experience and all the powerful networking she’s been doing towards launching ALC Oahu. I’m so very berry stoked for ALC Oahu and super confident in Nina in being able to make it happen.

    Further ALF Summer conversations have ensued this week and a handful of us will be doing some calls on Sunday to continue to flesh out details. We are putting together some information about what it means to become an ALC and maintain that relationship to the network. We are also excited about reorganizing the facilitators for this next ALF Summer so that there are group facilitators and project managers holding for the various outcomes we are committed to.

    It feels like a week does not go by without someone reaching out to know how they can start an ALC. I am so stoked to have the new challenges we are facing — scaling and growing with purpose and effectiveness!

    At ALC NYC this week

    I worked from home twice this week and was able to get a lot done, including the immunization report which kept getting delayed by arduous government software. The days I have been here have been really fun and pleasant.

    Today I was able to spend some time connecting with @likeaboss over remaking the GameShifting board. Luca expressed interest in renaming some categories at Change-UP meeting and so I offered to meet with him at 11am to rework the whole board — something I was into. He came and got me at 11am sharp, which is always a good sign that the interest and motivation is actually there.

    We spent over an hour redesigning the board and, throwing out categories we weren’t using, inventing new ones, and renaming some things. It was probably the deepest engagement I’ve had with a student over GameShifting, which was really cool and made me excited for all the future potentialities of that tool. Luca said he wants to hold a regular meetup every Thursday to iterate the GameShifting board 🙂

    Plugins back!

    @drew fixed the plugin issue we were having so I can now get to work on a bunch of web development ideas I’ve been having!

    I can’t stop listening to this

    And…lastly…@whoisthelorax is visiting tonight — excited to have some QT with my best bro from another mo.



  • @Nancy I found it difficult to get my hands on a copy of this book during the first two/three weeks of holding this intention.  I understand the problem of it being just too difficult a read or being too dense to read and respond to with all of the other projects I’m engaged with.  So yes, failure in that sense on my end too.  I know I’m not th…[Read more]

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    @Drew – Preferably post on my own blog and have those posts show up here. The original signup page made that seem very easy to do, but now after setup I can’t find a place to input another blog URL / RSS.

    • @liam yeah I set it up to collect RSS feeds, but haven’t actually built any of the functionality around that. It might not be something I get to for a while… In the mean time I am going to try and set up a plugin to do it… so stay tuned. I would suggest that you post links to your posts in the activity feed or on your current blog.

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    @drew You need to fix the link to the Everett learning center. On the “agilelearningcenters.org/network” page!

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    @liam, you probably have to use an RSS feed. @drew — is there a quicker solution to this?

  • Bump-de-bump. Awesome, @drew. Gonna make this an offering.

  • @drew @tomis you guys have to check this out – a ‘monadic exploration’ of information compiled from/for the Beautiful Trouble book (a revolution toolkit). I imagine that it took a WHOLE LOT OF WORK, but imagine something as visual and instant as that for AgileLearning!
    [bpfb_link url=’http://mariandoerk.de/monadicexploration/’ title=’Marian Dörk…[Read more]

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    Super stoked about posting lots of pics and juicy content on my last blog post! Curious as to why some handles show up as links and some don’t. Could use your help @drew.

    • I’ve been experiencing that as a little glitchy, too Nina. It might have to do with case sensitivity. Also, right now, when you mention a user in a blog post they don’t get a notification about it. That might be something each user can change on their own — not sure — haven’t looked yet.

  • @drew check out the final sentence that says “Pictures here!” with a hyperlink. You may find the pictures there.

  • We had a fun and weird Geoguessr adventure today.  Despite scoring only 154 points in the third round, we checked in at a respectable 15,808 points.


    Think you can do better, @drew?  Charlotte and I […]

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    Thank you for writing about this @drew!

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    I mean @drew (!)

  • There is some definite failure to declare around my weekly intentions…
    #NOCHEATS intentions:
    The enchanting went really well, the hedge, not so much.  I would say we got about 60% done with our hedge-fence.  It is turning out to be really huge (approximately 20 blocks tall in some spots) and will encompass all of Minetown.  I also learned a few valuable lessons about the nature of leaf blocks- you can’t place torches and ladders on them…
    *A note on Minecraft in general—-> I have decided to take a week off from craftin’.  I’m not doing this because I have changed my mind about MC value- I still think there is a huge amount, even “educational” value in the mainstream sense- but simply need a week away from the cube.  I have noticed we’ve been taking less park trips and staying around school more, and I don’t want to be a part of the reason for this.
    We did an All-American journey this week and scored pretty decently (17,648).  You can challenge us here: http://ryanshollenberger.agilelearningcenters.org/2014/10/14/geoguessr-exploring-america/
    [@drew and the Sterlings scored 16,100.]
    Our first journey took us from Michael Bay to chips… we did it in 3 clicks!
    The second round took a little bit more patience, as we made it from Taylor Swift to whiteboards in 11 clicks.
    Here’s what our trail looked like (I’ll make a separate post with the video later):
    1. Wal-Mart
    2. General Merchandice
    3. Merchandise
    4. North American Industry Classification System
    5. Retail
    6. Stationary
    7. Office supplies
    8. Office Depot
    9. [Back to] Office Supplies
    10. Writing Utensils
    11. Whiteboards!!!!!
    Thanks to @timotree, @pinkpanda, @jacobcb, @tinocrafter, @charlotte, and Isabella (sorry I still don’t know how to find your @)!
    -Participate in a Howard Zinn reading of the Columbus chapter of “A People’s History of the United States”

    This week’s philosophy meeting was awesome.  We talked about vampires- their origins, evolutions, and place in human culture through the ages.  We began with watching the trailer to the original vampire film, Nosferatu… creepy.  We even went on a quick tangent and learned some cool stuff about angler fish.
    I declare failure on this one… @shadowjack had a busy week and @timotree wasn’t juiced for it.    I am holding for this to happen next week, especially because it will be a cool and simple history-based activity for our visitors to join in on.
    Zombie Munchkins and Werewolves:
    Werewolves saw the addition of a new character this week, thanks to @timotree and @theskycookie.  Welcome to The Werewolf Elder…   His power is to be able to sacrifice one of his own kind to convert a villager to a werewolf (except for the Village Elder).

    I am pretty sure we played one of the longest Munchkins games in history this week. @timotree won, though everyone had at least 8 levels when the dust settled.
    Agile Soccer Club:
    With 8 kids this week, we were able to play a better game of world cup.  Team “Mordor” won in a close game, beating Team USA, Team Eagles, and Team Red Lotus by only 1 goal.  We also practiced shooting, worked on our fitness and stretching.
    @abbyo ‘s Adventure Map:
    This was SO FREAKING COOL- and OP too.  @douglasawesome and I died 3 times (once because we decided to defile an altar… probably a bad idea in all cases)
    Take a trip to “Swing-a-Ring,” and awesome playground near @douglasawesome ‘s house
    We rescheduled for Monday due to bad weather.
    Failure…only did Duolingo twice this week, though I did get my Lingot total up to 40 and purchased the “Flirting” bonus practice.  Learned how to say, “May I give you a kiss.” =)


    Ok, I’m lagging a lot.  Time to log off and go to afternoon meeting.  Until next week agilites-


    Love and agility,




  • Hey ALFs!! Specifically book club ALFs, @abram @charlotte @dinospumoni @drew

    Punished by Rewards is broken up into 3 parts. Let’s read and discuss part by part since this is a longer book.

    Part One is called “The Case Against Rewards” pages 3-116

    I’ll pose some questions here that may help spark responses, but please ask your own questions of…[Read more]

  • Oh YES–my bad @drew. I knew that. Ya know, just doing what we do best. 😉 Editing now.

  • Before I write about all the fun I’m having, here is an awesome song that Adin @theskycookie introduced me to. Enjoy…

    Last Thursday, I got to attend my very first Comic Convention here in NYC and it was pretty ridiculously fantabulous. I went with @abram, Adin @theskycookie, and Douglas @douglasawesome. What I loved most was the abundance of super cool toys and books as well as how much @theskycookie and @douglasawesome were super stoked about being there. I also felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when Douglas and I bumped into the game, Sonic The Hedgehog, one of my all time favorite games growing up.

    Agile Learning Facilitator (ALF) Weekend up in beautiful Chatham, NY, was such an amazing experience for me. I got to finally meet some of the other ALC Mosaic crew: Dean @dinospumoni and Dan @dthomasson. And then there’s @drew, who holds it down ever so effortlessly at ALC Everett. Since @nancy did such a beautiful job summing up ALF Weekend in her blog post, check THIS out to delve more into what we accomplished overall.

    I came away feeling a deep sense of trust and loving connection in our ALF community. Words simply fail to describe how grateful I am to be playing and working with such inspirational individuals.

    To reflect further back… Over a year ago, I found myself cultivating a team of dear friends at home on Oahu for my intention of creating a learning resource center. To me, my effort slowly and sadly fizzled out because I found myself struggling to push a group of people who would be PERFECT as resource people to commit to establishing something that I alone (in this context) had the fiery passion for. After letting go of holding so strongly to a narrow pathway of getting things done (I simply didn’t know what I was doing and now, this is much less so), I have been learning so much along the way. This includes but not at all limited to:

    communication tools
    my level of trust in specific individuals
    discernment among those who can help in what areas, in which ways, and in which phases of development
    getting clear on intentions of every individual who expresses an interest in helping me manifest this vision
    so much more about myself

    In this journey so far, emphasis on my deep gratitude for having magically united with this freshly blossoming ALF family moves beyond the power of words. I’ve known since the start of my process about two years ago that I needed and desired a team of people aligned with my very personal passion for creating powerful spaces for young people to live, learn and thrive in. And so it is–I am among the badass wolf pack with a collective fire toward intentional co-creating and being the change here and now.

    My favorite parts about ALF weekend was getting clear on my own intentions and making it known as well as hearing out the intentions and celebrating the strengths of everyone present. For this, we also got to learn about an awesome tool called Metamaps, to digitally organize ourselves much easier on many levels. Overall, I loved everything that came to the surface and although it was slightly overwhelming for me to take in and feel out new friends as well as situations which are seemingly inevitable within any community of purpose, I am incredibly grateful to have witnessed and played a part in the process of deepening trust, understanding and communication with new friends. My intentions coming into ALF weekend was to feel more connected to our ALC community and to laugh a lot.

    ALF Weekend intentions: accomplished.

    Up next: I will be working with…

    @tomis on more marketing stuff such as setting up a documentary screening of Race to Nowhere
    @abbyo, @charlotte, @nancy on implementing practices of safe emotional release exercises with kids (and amongst our ALF community as well). Also on creating some sort of check-in system with the intention of clear communication and support for ALFs around any extra-challenging situations that arise.
    @nancy, @bear, @tomis, @charlotte, @drew on creating a roadmap and support system for ALFs like me who desire to establish an ALC
    @tomis, @bear, @drew on establishing Hawaii’s first ALC (both off and on location) in good time

    And this journey continues…


  • @tomis @drew – I think we should add something about ALC to the This Changes Everything – ‘idea-lab’ https://solutions.thischangeseverything.org/#idealab/submitted

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