• Caleb posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    My day at public school “camp”

    It was horrible. First I watched people eat breakfast. Then I played games. They were fun. I went outside, played and then I went back inside, went to the public school and ate lunch. The lunch was yucky, it was “food.” The food there isn’t even food. It wasn’t even really pizza. The apples were horrible, they had fuzzy stuff on it. The corn was all soft and bad.

    After lunch we put our heads down for an hour and be silent. They punished the whole group because of 4 people who were yelling.

    The science class was fun. We took baking soda and vinegar and the plastic bottle blew up. IT was cool to watch.

    I also got in a fight because the girls were bullying me all day and stole a block from me. She was not nice to me all day and took things from me. I tried to get it back but accidentally hit her. She went and told the teacher. We talked it out, said we were sorry and nothing happened. There were 3 nice friends.

    I never want to go back because it was horrible.