• For the last two days or so I’ve been really enjoying drawing portraits. I’ve also started enjoying watching basketball more and more in the last few months. The reason I’ve started liking basketball recently is […]

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    Showing Serena that ALC already has a social network kind of deal. #SoMeta

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    ThumbnailTrying to find a good way to structure these reflection posts.  (maybe just a list)

    This week went by fast, so here are the highlights (and lowlights)

    (monday) saw Sofe’s cousin’s comedy show.  Had […]

    • Yes! help me make sense of that amazing mask!
      Burning question: Did you make it?

      Re: how to structure your reflection blog posts. I’ve been trying out a few things with my weekly reflections and structuring them has been central to that.

      I wanted my weekly posts to have a format so that when seen one after the other (which I imagine may happen when i want to have an overview of my year etc) there is some continuity.

      My suggestions to you:
      1. *Create a category*. Right now you are leaving all of your posts as uncategorized by default. Differentiate the weekly reflection from other, more free form posts.
      2. *Create a (simple) TITLE format*. The less thinking required here, the better. Trying to think of a funny, witty title every week for a post who’s primary purpose is journaling/archiving is counter-productive. This could just be my preference, but I like to keep the catchy titles for stories/posts that I really WANT other people to read.
      3. *Decide on content /framing/ in advance*. You mentioned a list, and then you filled in a bullet point for each day of the week. You intuitively set up a /frame/ to brain-dump the content. You could implement new ways of framing things and see what else works. The goal here is to prevent you from stopping and thinking too much. Think pieces get the catchy titles and respond to your passions and interests. Weekly reflections are simpler and serve different purposes.

      On this last point, I’m currently using my Trello board to SEE what I did during the week, posting a picture of that, and then listing three categories of reflections:
      ‘Clearing’ – things i was unhappy with, but want to release
      ‘Gratitudes’ – to focus on the great things in life. Grateful for our blogs, and the people who made them possible like @drew
      ‘Achievements’ – Yay! cool things that happened

      Hope you find this helpful (not lecture-y), also it has inspired me to write a thinky-piece on the topic!

      • great advice @abram, categories is a good way to go. Having a question or set of questions you ask each week might be a good idea too.

  • ThumbnailAt Triskele Rivers ALC, we talk a lot about common language and it’s importance in culture creation. Here are some examples of what we are doing to facilitate this.


    For the majority of […]

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    Only at ALC

    Last week Hannah mangled her thumb while using a power drill. Abby took her to the urgent care center near Hannah’s house. Her mom and I met there, and the three of us supported Hannah while she got stitched up. She got five stitches and a really cool looking bandage, and then I took her for ice cream.

    It occurred to me that none…[Read more]

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    I have been wanting to post since September but just didn’t feel like I could make the time. My daughter, now 13 years old just started this year. I am so grateful mot to be fighting about her homework every evening, every day on th weekend, almost constantly having it in the back of my minds. School as it was, was sucking the life out of…[Read more]