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    Today was a good day we watched the interview i thought it was ok. We played Dungeons and Dragons and it was fun.

    I wanna read more Lord of the Rings cause i wanna get know more of the lore.

    I wanna get threw with the unity scripting tutorials so i can then move onto the tutorials to actually make a game

    I wanna run more cause it feels good to run

    I wanna do more movie day Fridays cause its fun

    I wanna play more League of Legends cause its fun and i dont wanna be bronze anymore cause being in bronze isnt as fun as people may say it is

  • Ethan wrote a new post, Compaust , on the site The Deathlamb Chronicles 8 years ago

    Today we went too a frye museum and looked at moving projections and wrote in a book and looked at stuff

    How much work do i wanna put into composting
    I wanna put in at least 4 hours a week on […]

  • Today i came in late so all i did was attend the web dev meeting and went too the park.

    What is my art
    My kind of art is programming and game design which are both the same thing in a way.  I like to do it […]

  • Ethan wrote a new post, Red Cheek, on the site The Deathlamb Chronicles 8 years ago

    Today i played geo guessr and glitched it. We learned how to cut vegetables which was fun because i felt superior from the vegetables. We also learned how to make pickles and that was faster than i thought we […]

  • Today at whidbey i went on a rather long walk and ate thyme off the branch. I also sat behind a giant gong.

    What i did today that was the most fun.
    My favorite thing i did today was hanging out with friends in […]

  • Ethan wrote a new post, Mountains, on the site The Deathlamb Chronicles 8 years ago

    Dear John Simon,

    I go to a school that is not like any other it is far superior. Anyway we are going to do a coaching program and we have to reach to someone who isn’t our parents to set our lives straight […]

  • Ethan wrote a new post, COOL STUFF, on the site The Deathlamb Chronicles 8 years ago

    Today we made characters for my Dungeons & Dragons game.What am i most excited for next year
    I am excited to see how the school will be in the next year and taking lots of naps

    Top 5 things i did over the […]

  • Today i walked to the dollar store. watched NACHO LIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  I also got the most cutest toy puppy i am naming him fenrir cause the adorableness makes him a monster is cute battle and watched […]

  • ThumbnailToday i worked on the website. Then I watched Conan video game reviews. Also my dad came in and did a ama about and we talked about bootstrap, scrumming, and i tiny tiny part about git. My favorite thing he talked […]

  • ThumbnailToday was a good day i sat in a chair for 5 hours and watched league of legends then i listened to half of a creepy pasta.
    Looking back at the week what are you most proud of and why.
    Well the thing i am most […]

  • Today was a pretty bland day. i cooked lasagna which took 60 minutes. I played league of legends with my friendo william. I also played starcraft.
    What do we do differently then other schools.
    What makes our […]

  • today was an interesting day all i really did was work on the website.
    What electronic device will i miss the most during no electricity day.
    My comp and my phone. I will miss my phone the most cause my mom is […]


  • ThumbnailToday i went to the pakr watched full metal alchemist brotherhood, played smash, did bad at grammar, watched five nights at freddy’s.
    What was my spirit animal today.
    A lamb. Cause its fucking adorable
    Top blog […]

  • today i slept in then took the bus and got free candy and finsihed the webiste and fought battled stevu.
    What offering will i do
    the offering i will complete is the dissecting owl pellets one.

    Top five […]

  • ThumbnailToday i went to the pakr,  geoguesser,  starcraft, finished the website(made kaceytron work).

    What did you do today that did not use electricity.

    had fun
    5 things i am thankful for

    family […]

  • Today i made half a website with stevie. I also played super smash bros pm, hearthstone, age of empires 2, starcraft
    What was your most excellent adventure
    The most excellent adventure bro is when i made half a webiste we went up and down left to right and we saw a bigfoot zebra its exactly what you thing.

    5 emotions that you felt today


  • Today i played smash rekt stevie. did improv and watched people dance.
    What was the most achieving thing i did this week.
    The thing i did this week that got the most achievement was pentakill in league of legends…. it was pretty swag
    Top five you liked this week.

    played league
    code cademy
    pressured jackie and jurr into ink skaping the webstie
    had fun

  • Today was a pretty good i played 2 league of legends games, rekt stevie at smash, learning squirtle in smash, and i did pretty good in improv.
    The most active thing i did today
    was improv. the end
    List five things i held today

    my dignity by wrecking stevie at smash
    greeny the pink gorilla
    my phone
    a bottle of pepsi
    and jackie


  • today i went to the park we did stuff. Then i played hide and go seek and did stuff in improv class.  Then we played the arm tangle game where you tangle all our arms by holding hands and untangle ourselves.
    What […]

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