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    this week i played with new phone it is awesome yay

    • Hey Jacob,

      Your new phone is pretty sweet. Didn’t you also go a few places? Charlotte Museum of History, a hike at the Ribbonwalk Nature Preserve….

      Pretty sure you enjoyed some water melon at snack today too. 🙂

  • on the first day of school i played ping pong yay. the second of day of school i played terraria yay. on the third day of school i played minecraft and made a fire yay.

    • Yay! It’s been great seeing you again after the summer! You also played the question game and seemed to really enjoy that this week too 🙂

  • i am doing a fun test yay 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    It has been really funny because sometimes they give you really funny answers. 🙂 And I’m doing it with my friends YAY!!!!

    Tests are actually really fun if you just […]

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