• Mel wrote a new post, What Is Magic?, on the site The Melicorn 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    What is magic? There is the wizards’ explanation, which comes in two forms, depending on the age of the wizard. Older wizards talk about candles, circles, planets, stars, bananas, chants, runes, and t […]

  • Wow we’re silly today. I usually feel a rush to get started in writing time but today I feel really spacy and all over the place and you know what that’s fine that’s what we’re doing I’m not wordsing great but […]

  • It’s been a weird few weeks, y’all, and I’m blaming Mercury retrograde. You’ve probably heard of this astrological phenomenon, since it’s sucked up into pop culture in recent years. That may be because it happe […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, My week, on the site iphys week 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    I couldn’t choose which actor I liked best because they’re both my favorites of all time so happy birthday to Reese Witherspoon and Constance Wu!

    My week was good as always, here are the highlights:

    Monday: […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, My week, on the site iphys week 4 months ago

    Today’s famous birthday is… will.i.am! ZOOOM!! (@sunday‘s bff!)

    Okay, anyway..


    This week, as all others was very fun.

    Monday: I did geoguessr, french and math.

    Tuesday: I did math, french a […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, my week, on the site iphys week 4 months, 1 week ago

    Whattt is upp drama alert nation I’m your host, Illiterate Iphy lettts gettt riggght into the famous birthday of the week!!!! ITS KEEMSTAR! (@thewitchqueen908‘s BFF!)

    back to the program.

    This week was […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, This week, on the site iphys week 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    This week was really fun!

    Happy birthday to Lupita Nyong’o!

    Monday: New kids came! Mason and Olive! I did acro, kickball and also math which was great, I worked on functions.

    Tuesday: I watched magic […]

  • I’m currently working on an application to go be facilitated at School of the Alternative, which is a really cool-sounding self directed program for adults. I’m feeling really inspired by one of the app […]

  • Mel wrote a new post, On Facilitating in Your Joy, on the site The Melicorn 5 months ago

    Looking back through this blog, I see myself working through a lot of hard feelings around facilitation; while that’s a big part of this work, it’s definitely not all of it. I want this blog to be an accurate ref […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, my week, on the site iphys week 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Happy birthday to ImAlexx!!!! He’s really funny you should sub to him on yt!!!

    Today i played poker it was very fun, but @agilion is catching up to me 😮

    I also played BANG! It was SOO much fun thanks t […]

  • “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” -Mary Oliver
    I’m trying to be kind. It’s difficult, because the word is tied up in the abstracted character-building of my childho […]

  • happy birthday to…. pooh-man!!!!!!!!!!

    i looked on famous birthdays and its pooh-mans birthday, so happy birthday pooh-man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    every week starting now ill start my blog with […]

  • I have a confession: when I talk about the fourth Agile root, I often forget about sharing. “Growth happens in cycles of intention, action, reflection and sharing.” I’ve always had the hardest time with shari […]

  • Writing Time is a space that I hold. Writing Time is an hour a week (Wednesday mornings at 10 AM) where I am committed to writing. The most important part about Writing Time is that it’s low-stakes; this is an o […]

  • I wrote a post back in the beginning of October about my weekly schedule here at ALC-NYC; now, at the halfway point of the year, it feels like a good time to check back in and see what’s changed and what’s stayed […]


    p good website… i found out my spam email has 3 hackers on it! fun! oh thats why i got a login from syberia… i thought it was my long long lost twin trying to get a hold of me by logging into my account :/

  • Iphy wrote a new post, bear came to school today!, on the site iphys week 6 months ago

    It was great! I’m writing this as bear is sleeping on me, slouching on my arm. On another note, today I played coup, it was so much funnnnnn. I played poker today and lost sooo much :/ whoops. I’m currently […]

  • Wow! This year is almost over! This was a… year!! anyway check out this vid/

  • It’s the final focused blog of the semester and my brain is a puddle. Iphy has a santa hat on her face sticking out like a cone nose; Hugo is reading his own nonsensical date-making out loud next to me and m […]

  • Iphy wrote a new post, My Sister is Coming Home! <3, on the site iphys week 7 months ago

    My sister is coming home tomorrow. I am so excited! Her name is Ellie, well, it’s technically her nickname because her real name is: Laura Elizabeth which is, “LE” so it naturally becomes Ellie. Anyways, I’ll stop […]

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