• This summer was challenging for me. Gone through many ups and downs but came back stronger than ever. Every darkness comes with a light. When I go through a challenge, I try to tell myself that this is just […]

  • Last weekend, I went to Pennslyvania, whoop whoop!! I shadowed an awesome gym teacher and participated in a crossfit class. Crossfit is really different from how I train because it focuses on increasing work […]

  • I’m writing about motivation this week. People with motivation can find a reason to accomplish goals. Well, this didn’t exactly happen to me this week at the gym. I felt unmotivated but this will definitely change […]

  • My week went fabulousooo!! It was a short week because of my spring break vacay but I made a lot of friends. I am very proud of myself, not only did I have a great time but I aslo formed friendships that will […]

  • Something about being positive changes your day. I’ve learned to always change negative thoughts into positive thoughts because you can then get positive results. Being positive helped me a lot these days. With e […]

  • An injury is not just a process of recovery it’s a process of discovery. Seeing everybody lifting, touching weights and knowing that I can’t for a few weeks is a bummer but it is what it is. I accept it and I’m […]

  • This week was the first week back. It went amazing. I got a lot of things accomplished… I’m super duper happy. I did spanish, romanian, trip planning, math, worked on spreadsheets, got a new book from the li […]

  • This week went phenomenal. It was my birthday week so I spent it outside with my friends and family for 3 days straight. Sunday, I had a surprise dinner. Monday, my mom and I went to places in the city and […]

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    This week was amazing as always. I did a lot of things such as: math, spanish, werewolves, worked on spreadsheets,  did anatomy, went ice skating, did cook n00b, talked with PA kids, played poker, did portraits […]

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    This week went amazing. I didn’t go to school on Monday so I went ice skating with Hannah. I did a lot of things this week….poker, math, spanish, anatomy, worked on spreadsheets, played contact, talked with v […]

  • Beth wrote a new post, This week…, on the site AgileVolleyballPlayer 3 years ago

    This week went amazing. I didn’t go to school on Monday because it was my cousins birthday so we celebrated it by going to American Girls and then Alices’ tea cup. Tuesday, I did math and cook n00b then on Wed […]

  • This week I was out for a lot of days but I had an amazing week like always. On Monday, I stayed home because I came home late from PA. Can’t even describe how much fun I had there!!! Tuesday, I came in and I w […]

  • This week went by quick. I was home working on projects Monday and Tuesday. All the other days, I did spanish, writing, made new fitness program with Ryan, biology, art, and plan trips with the ALFs. On thursday, […]

  • This week went amazing. It was an actual full week and I did a lot of stuff. I did duolingo for spanish..I’m really proud of myself that I’ve gotten so far that if I actually go to a spanish speaking country I can […]

  • OH MY G!

    This week was amazing because school started. Not only was I happy about school starting but I got to see everyone for the first time in a while. Not much happened this week but I accomplished stuff […]

  • This week went amazing as always. I did a lot of stuff including kickball, spanish, math, grammar, history, listened to music with Hannah, played skull, did my nails, edited photos for Abby, cooked beignets, drew, […]

  • This week went by quick like always. I did a lot of things well not a lot like most of the weeks but some things such as: spanish, math, started making a program with Ryan, read, talked to Mel about receiving her […]

  • I know it’s early to blog but I’m doing it anyway! I did a lot of stuff this week like always. I’m really excited about one thing, I measured my body fat with Ryan which we usually do every month but since I went […]

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    did you find it?

  • This week went by quick like every other week. I did: math, check in, change up, went to Blue Coco, History, Spanish (painted a self portrait of myself), drew for an art fundraiser, played Werewolves, looked at […]

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