About Me

I´m a pedagogical visionary and a specialist within alternative education. Passionate about learning, I want children and teenagers to have the possibility of growing into independent and emotionally stable beings, capable of transforming their environment and society. I have a deep knowledge of pedagogical methods and am excellent at managing group dynamics, using a wide array of tools and methods. I focus on what motivates us as individuals, and how to make the very most of our interests, skills and capabilities.
My solid theoretical foundation is combined with the unique experience of having started and managed two alternative schools (both Waldorf initiatives) in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Now I´m ready to reach a broader target group, which is why I have founded Explora – an ALC after-school program.
I´m originally from Sweden where I grew up in the Montessori system, but I´ve spent half of my life abroad – the last thirteen years in Mexico.