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    This could work as a different pattern to get the kids to create new tools and patterns for us to use in the school, it feels like a way to invite more participation from those who have a hard time with the meeting format!




    This week’s reflections: 

    Alona: The adjectives section is hard! She did not complete it yet.

    Elisha: maintained goal + is saying “hasta luego” and “adios” to mom at home.

    Liberty: Continued to maintain goal.

    Nancy: Has maintained reading daily with Liberty and practice with Lib & Elisha each day. Has been reading 5th grade texts at night – almost every night (skipped 2 nights in the past week). Did not do duolingo again.

    Dean: Has been very busy! But has and a few conversations with Monika but has not learned a German song.

    Group reflection: This was a short week for our check-in – we met a day late last week and a day early this week (because I’m going out of town). We will meet on Wednesday next week to give us an extra day to work on our goals.


    Goals for next meet-up:

    Alona: wants to finish Adjectives section.

    Elisha: Continue practice with Felicia & Liberty while Nancy is gone Wed-Fri. Will also read 2 of the 1st grade level Spanish readers. Back to working with Nancy & Lib next Mon – Wed to prepare for a trip to the Spanish market. (we are learning money amounts and how to ask, “How much does it cost?”

    Liberty: Continue work with Felicia on reading (but not Esperanza Rising while Nancy is gone) for the next three days. Then back to E Rising with Nancy next week. Will continue meeting with Elisha’s Spanish time.

    Nancy: Will read 3 5th grade readers during her trip. Will continue E Rising with Libby next week and Elisha’s lessons. Will also aim for 3 x of 15 min sessions of duolingo before next week.

    Dean: Wants to translate a poem to German and learn a German song.



    Nancy, You, Charlotte and Luc coming up a day early is cool, and/but, will you not also be coming up with Dean and maybe Felicia?



    Tomis, that list looks like it’s the max we’ll likely be able to accommodate that weekend, with the present setup. Folks campung could open more potential. I have not yet spoken to QIVC about this, as I’m waiting for tone setting to have happened and past successfully to make the request, so ill be in a place to get on that next Friday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)