• I will be in NYC for the next two weeks. Below, I will outline some intentions for this chunk of time, as my workflow seems to shift and flow based on which ALC I’m at.

    I missed two weekly cycles (of blogging). I was dealing with ALF relations at Mosaic, in Virginia, and then up at Cloudhouse for ALF Weekend. I plan to close that time out with a reflection post at the end of this week.

    Intentions for October 13 – 17

    Finish communications with visiting week parents
    Prepare community (students, facilitators, admissions group) for visiting week
    Advertise next week’s Parent Interest Night (FB, AERO, etc.)
    Go through mail, organize, pay bills
    Complete all the mandated services, BEDS, Immunization, and other online reports
    Send out some needed communications to Mosaic folks (Lacy, Finances, Fundraising etc.)
    Get a handful of Mosaic tasks accomplished and a roadmap for work there over the next month
    ALF Weekend wrap-up: reflect, gather feedback with @bear and thank Steve C.
    Make Quote Meme template on AI
    Handle a few personal tasks: pay bills, mostly
    Learn about the Yoast SEO Plugin
    Have lunch with Alex Khost and Rachel Lippy


  • Tomis posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    @drew I would do it but I don’t have your logo file — can you update: http://agilelearningcenters.org/network/ with the everett site?

    @bear would you send me the cloudhouse logo and I’ll add it to this page?

  • Calling all Infinite Players! We really have to step up our game(s) for next years Come Out & Play Festival. @tomis @bear @abby @nina …. but truly: @themadhatter this one’s for you

    [bpfb_link url=’http://www.comeoutandplay.org/project/full-contact-catan/’ title=’Come Out & Play Festival » Full-Contact Catan’ image=”]Settlers of Catan is a…[Read more]

  • @ryanshollenberger (you need a shorter handle) @bear check out the oral histories post i just wrote http://abram.agilelearningcenters.org/2014/09/16/oral-histories/

  • @bear what does cloudhouse do about raising awareness of onscreen and offscreen time when kanbanning/setting the week? I’m thinking color coding or a separate board of offerings for offline activities. Last week, when the net was down, it caught some people unprepared. (maybe that’s the most agile way?)

  • We will be having our first ALF Weekend this October 10-12 in Chatham, NY (Cloudhouse).

    In short, the purpose of an ALF Weekend is to gather the ALF community to strengthen our relationships, reflect on our work and continue to evolve the Agile Culture model together, as well collaborate around other ALC-related projects.

    We would love for any…[Read more]