• Ayan posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    On Monday I did the road trip interest meeting and I figured out that I might actually want to go. This would be my first road trip ever. The places we were talking about and the pictures interested me. I also went to the zip line interest meeting which was chaotic. People were talking over people so it was longer than it needed to be. I ate lunch.

    On Tuesday Charlotte subbed for Kristine. I talked with Charlotte. I did a tiny bit of the documentary. There were other things to do. Also I did the cafe interviews. We interviewed for jobs. I interviewed for specials chef. I got the job. That’s all? I ate lunch.

    On Wednesday I did probably the worst change up 2017 because of ALL of the interruptions, ALL of the super long discussions that I don’t think were necessary on each sticky and…ya. Also I ate lunch. Group game and I went with the flow and I did book club which was really nice.

    On Thursday I went on the urban hike and I got pizza Uptown. I found $5.00 in my pocket. Also I went to come awesome places and I stood right next to the BOA building.

    On Friday I watched How to Train Your Dragon. I talked to Charlotte and she telephathically send me a number and I got it right. It was 3. I sort of wandered around the school. I watched a little bit of the movie. When I came out I was excited that it was almost clean up and I started to blog early. Now I’m sorry but it has caught up with real time and I have to go.

    • Hi Ayan,
      Sounds like a very busy week! The zipline meeting was chaotic! I wonder if we could write a sticky to talk about Change Up at Change Up? You may want to check in with Andrew to see if he’ll partner with you on that, because he wrote a similar thing in his blog. I’m excited for you that you may go on the summer road trip. I wish Evan would go, because I really want to! See you next week!