• I love Mr okoloko,I matched with him on tinder and now we are in love


  • ThumbnailI’m not feeling goodbut I still did school stuff I finished some of my history homework I also played a card game called super fight were weird super heroes fight to the death this one is for all of you woops guys […]

  • I checked on the peas we planted, this morning then went to school. Our first class at school is Math and we had a test today I think I did pretty good. After math we went to lunch and played a hello kitty board […]

  • Question: If you were a league of legends champion what would your abilities
    Passive: Nibble-Every third auto attack Jackie’s next auto attack will tranform Jackie into a melee basic attack and slowing the enemy […]

  • Today we went to the park and did a lot of running after frisbees Tommie threw. I think I scored the most points, YES! We went home and I did some math homework then I helped grow some peas #team Ricardo and I […]

  • Today I went to science class and learned about different types of volcanoes and the process mount saint Hellon went through when it erupted in 1980’s  and the cats that died that day. After science I was driven […]

  • Question: what do you love about people who go to alc
    Drew: His artist style

    Nick:his humor

    Jurr: his friendlynes

    Ethan: his chilled nes

    Tommie: silllynes

    Stebie: his awesome nes

    Ethan: 2 […]

  • Today I started working on my prezi thing about me you will have to see it when i’m done (soon). I also worked on the 10 frame story thing for school I made all the characters. I also started working on the […]

  • Question: what are you most grateful for
    I am grateful to have a mom who will plan doctor appointments for me and my brothers
    List: 5 favorite highlights from the manatee cup
    1: winning 4 games in the manatee […]

  • today I woke up sick and slept in for a while. after I woke up for the morning meeting since today was no power day we decided what no power things we wanted to do. we decided on board games and swimming. we […]

  • Question: what are the pros and cons of not having a facilitator
    Cons: less people can come, and less focused in meetings
    Pros: less people can come there for less clean up, and more personal work time
    List: 5 […]

  • Today after the meeting we went straight to Chinese class ( thanks lily ) we learned some words like 头 pronounced Tóu

    it means head. after we did Chinese we did personal intentions so I worked on my 3d project […]

  • What i did today we had a quick meeting and then we left for a art gallery there was one exhibit it was a lady singing and walking it was cool and we also stole stuff from children i’m gonna leave this out of context for your enjoyment 😛 anyways we left like  after 1 hour or something then we got home and did some perma culture planning for later classes learned some about what goes into composting like greens ( things full of nitrogen) and browns (stuff full of carbon) it also take water and air and there are different ways to do this also you need just the right combination or it all goes wrong also did you know a compost pile can get up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit then we talked about the movie making process for 1 hour

    Q: How much work do you want to put into it

    A: I want to at least get some potatoes out of it and i would like to interact with the goats (if we get any) i also want to learn how to make a garden for a community and help us all out

    Q: What methods are there (describe 2)

    A: 1 we have 3 bins and we move green stuff and brown stuff into one bin once it’s ready we move it to another bin when we move it , it gets a lot more air then it gets hot and finer then we move it to one more bin and it gets hotter and finer. 2 we have worms in a bin then we put food on top they come up eat poop then there poop go’s to the bottom and be comes fertilizer for plants and stuff and we harvest it                                                                                                                            Q: What methods do you want to use

    A: I would like to use the 3 bin compost method because it would be one of the best for us and it looks nice

    Q:Building a box or buying a bin

    A: building a box

    Q: where are you gonna put it

    A: i don’t know exactly where but i think behind the deck

    Q:how does composting happen in nature? is it natural? can we learn from it

    A: well yes it is natural and how it happens is that tiny micro organisms eat the plant matter and turn it into carbon and stuff and yes we can learn from it and we already have but we still need to learn more about nature



  • Today i woke up went downstairs got on my computer and worked on a overlay for my live stream “twitch.tv/Aqua_Manatee” i finished 2 overlays i show them at the end.  i went to meeting set the day then we played geo guessr drew made a post on it we failed a little but but i dare you to try to beat it 😛 after geo i did some work on a project (still secret) then i hopped in the hot tub and talked while people ate then they joined me next we had a web dev meeting after the meeting we went to the park played 500 got one hell of a work out (i think) (i’m a nerd) came home had a AWESOME end of day meeting now i’m here
    Question: Whats your art???????
    um i’m gonna interpret this as 2 things art style and what programs do you use to do art or kind of art you do like painting or 3d modeling ill answer the first one then the second one. my art style i would like to think i go for a cute kinda thing but sometimes i draw kinda dark stuff idk but my kinda look of my art is like litterally dark (i press hard with the pencil) or at least on the outline of things. what programs do i use? i use blender ( a 3d modeling program) and i use gimp a raster based program and i want to use inkscape which is a vector based program
    List: 5 things you like to do outside
    1: Playing outside game like 500, hide and seek, and tag
    2: Breath
    3: Look at things
    4: Camping

    i like peeing outside

  • What i did today, i started my day off with a healthy serving of imgur and then realized i should do something and ended up working more on my 3d animation project at 10 the meeting started and Drew’s friend Katie […]

  • What i did today, we started off the day preparing for going to Whidbey island that was how we got there we all hoppped in a submarine and got there that is natrully the only the only way to get there anyways once we got there we met up with Robert (the kind guy who invited us over) and we set up our day after meeting he showed us around on a hike walked through a labyrinth then we walked up to a place on trails and ate lunch while eating lunch we did improve and played a game called eagle nest. after eating and playing games we hiked back and talked and had tea then we took the submarine back home
    Question: What did you do at Whidbey and what do you want to do there in the future
    i drank tea and had funs with my friends and i would like to go on more hikes there and get a list of all the edibles and go to the garden when its nice and plump

  • Dear Kelly
    I would like to ask you to be my coach. first of all let me tell you what a coach does, a coach would check in on me a few times a week and see how my learning is going and how i’m doing, also see how […]

  • today was our first day back if you couldn’t tell from the title. i started off our day listening and putting offerings out on the table there are a few cool ones i signed up for like permaculture and Chinese (I’m gonna grow potatoes one day :D) that was just a few of the ones i signed up for after that meeting we moved on to setting up our weekly calender so we put times up for Chinese and movies and stuff also i have a class on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15 to 11:15 then 1 hour lunch then i have a class from 12:15 to 2:15 then i have Alc that is how my Tuesdays and Thursday will go ok back to my day after setting the calender we kinda set up the day after all the meetings which  went tell 12 i started 3d modeling a penguin for my winter scene and I’m gonna start a animated project based of John Lango Wango soon after that i made my D & D character with Ethan he is a small rock golem only 1 foot tall and weighs 100 lb so hes pretty compact xD i wish i had a picture of him a made a drawing I’ll have to make him in gimp soon well after drawing and stuff we had end of day meeting and now I’m making this so that’s all for who ever got to the end thanks for caring about my day
    Question: What did you do over break
    I didn’t do a whole lot of awesome stuff this break got some games played some games it was awesome though got to hang with my friends and i went to the mall and watched a movie with a friend had my brothers over i was real excited to see my brother brice and talk lol with him
    List: What are 5 things you are excited for this year (not semester we mean 2015)
    1: To try new schooling system where i go to real classes
    2: To watch my brother play and meet his team over dinner
    3: Season 5 of league of legends
    4: Getting back into streaming and trying youtube out
    5: The new movies coming out in 2015 there are to many to name but here are a few Antman, Inside out, Avengers, and Minions

  • today we had a very lazy unorganized meeting then played warthunder after 30 mins of warthunder i went to work on my manatee i added eyes and a nose and made him darker it is here next i frosted cookies and then […]

  • ThumbnailFirst of all here Stevie got the web site up here it is http://ixa.net/I.X.A.html ? you should check it out took us a while but it was totally worth it! next what i did today i started off my day waking up earlier […]

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