• Nicki Mann posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    I don’t know if people read this, but I’m hoping for some advice from people who are running small schools. We are starting a school, hopefully by next school year. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, EXCEPT for one problem… finding a location! I live in an apartment and am currently on very limited finances since I’m taking a year off of full-time teaching. A lot of people have suggested churches, so I emailed, literally, EVERY church on my side of the river, which was about 80 churches. I’ve already got back 20 “no’s” and two “maybe’s.”
    There is a chance a “maybe” will work out… but if not, where else should I be looking? The biggest problem is we have to have a location in our possession, and have it inspected by the fire department and health department, by February, in order to submit papers for private school approval in Washington. But we obviously wouldn’t have any students, and therefore any tuition, until the following fall!
    I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts. Thanks!

    • My advice is to look for places like churches, synagogues, and community centers that own their spaces. Religious affiliated spaces are especially good because they often aren’t taxed the same way other businesses are, and therefore don’t need to charge as much rent.