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  • It’s just awesome. It’s awesome because you don’t have to sit in a classroom the whole day. This week I played chess and lost terribly. Chess is fun to play with @alobob. It’s fun to play because I don’t lose […]

  • ThumbnailToday @alobob, @libby@cooljhd, @dragon, @tessao, and @sassygirl26 rode our bikes in the sunshine. 

    and listened to this song on radio.


    on speakerszzz […]

  • Loving life and living. Here is a quote from @alobob‘s Parent/Student/ALF Conference: “Andrew: When we first started we didn’t have morning meeting, we didn’t know when anything started. And now we have a physical board where we can see what is happening and now we can be prepared. “

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    Today I played MM (Monsters and Magic) for the first time ever! I have never played it before, and it is really fun! I will explain the game to you:

    You are dropped off form the sky in a village. You have fifty gold, and you have to try to survive. What do you do?

    Decide what to do, I went to the quest board to see if I could do a quest for gold. I decided not to do any quests, and I went to the pet shop to ask for a job. I got a job in the cat compartment.

    I sold a few pets and got payed each turn. I also hired @tessa so we shared the money and got more customers. @Deano Spumoni @ALObob @dragon and @Charlotte were incredible costumers! They decided to make a circus, so they bought so many animals and animal habitats! I started giving them discounts because they became so poor from spending so much! Out of the four of them, they ended up with about 100 gold, while I separately had almost 800 gold.

    I think that I am pretty good at saving up and choosing wisely with different decisions. I was always the richest, then again, I didn’t even have any place to stay…

    I ahve to go now, but I hope you can google M&M and play it sometime! Bye!

    M M

    O  A

    N  G

    S    I

    T   C





    Greetings ALC Universe. Many new and exciting happenings at ALC Mosaic this week.


    Veterans Day with Dan!

    -November 11th was Veterans Day and Dan came ready in uniform to share with the students his experience as a Veteran. We learned many cool things like How astronauts shower in space. In case you didn’t know this is how they do it.

    We love Dan!

    Since August @libby and @animalfreak9 have had the goal to Skateboard standing up. And now they’re doing it!!



    We had morning work out three out of five days this week. Feeling pretty ripped. Andrew planked for FOUR MINUTES! Tessa maintained the splits for ELEVEN MINUTES. I am taking this push-up challenge. We choose our own exercises and we have been pulling inspiration from this website. Here is one of our favorites:


    Geoguessr UPGRADE! Keeping up with Milo’s suggestion, we now take only 5 minutes per guess. Definitely increased the stakes of this challenge. Check out this map of the places we’ve been. Click on the pins to learn more about the areas! If you want to add to it, just request an invite from any of the ALC Facilitators.


    I FINALLY traded @zelda my Thunderous EX card. @zelda is slowly curating a formidable Pokemon collection. @alobob, with his superior knowledge of the cards and their face value, facilitated the trade. I forget what I traded for… but the experience was very professional.


    Liam‘s visit and the makey makey.

    -Such a pleasure to see Liam from Asheville on Thursday. He brought with him (along with just general awesomeness) a makey makey. He and some folks spent the morning turning anything and everything into a button. ALC Mosaic was so inspired by this device that we are now scheming ways to hook it up to the door so that THIS will play to remind us to move our name tags!


    Tai Chi! On Wednesday, @zelda led a Tai Chi class outside in the afternoon. The class was well attended and @sassygirl26 became an apprentice to @zelda. Thank you @zelda for this incredible offering that was masterfully led and scheduled.


    In Ecology Club we set learning goals for our time together. We want to learn about different trees and their uses (inspired by Warrior Cats)

    -We want to learn about birds through birding, and animals through tracking. Hopefully we will get some snow!

    -As we were talking two hawks were circling overhead and calling. As usual!

     @libby‘s Upgraded Kanban, with customized sticky holder, pen holder and labels.

    From @libby‘s Kanban, to @dthomasson‘s stories, to @zelda‘s offering, each of these experiences draw me back to the mullings: What is Agile Learning? And why is it important?
    These question have come to me many times. In their most recent form, on Friday when @dthomasson and I attended a science educator meet-up at Zada Janes.
    The meetup is for science, math, engineering and tech folks, and any other like-minded parties. Some are tied to the federal STEM initiative and others work for non and for profit entities invested in education.
    The go-around prompt “What was you first STEM moment?” got the group to share stories of the powerful moments in their childhood, where they experienced the foundations of STEM and what it means for their practice.
    A trend echoed throughout their responses. Each person reflected moments where they had the freedom to explore, and engage in relationship with people or the environment. The memories shared resembled every moment in an ALC.
    One man spoke of when he was able to solder a hearing aid with his father under a microscope. “It was so cool” he said, the experience had a significant impact on him.
    I think of our parents and facilitators and how we recognize the value, and have the courage to name these moments as learning. Almost every educator in the room could reflect the moments as children where they had the freedom to experience what ALCs hold for each and every day.
    I always come back to @nancy‘s What IF. When she asked one year ago, “What IF more children were happy and in a state of flow?” I am grateful to be a part of the answer as it evolves with us.