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    @Nancy I found it difficult to get my hands on a copy of this book during the first two/three weeks of holding this intention.  I understand the problem of it being just too difficult a read or being too dense to read and respond to with all of the other projects I’m engaged with.  So yes, failure in that sense on my end too.  I know I’m not the only person that failed in this way (@drew).

    Reflecting on this, briefly, I think we should look at some of the wins from trying a book club in this way.


    I loved the way that you set clear questions to respond to.  This was an advantage of one person actually having read the book prior to choosing it.  Someone holding coherence for the questions/challenges of the reading helps to focus our attention.
    The book that was chosen was decided on by someone who had the time and energy (at the time) for holding coherence
    Everyone (in theory) was holding space to engage with the same material.

    I’m definitely into reading ALL of those books at one point or another, as I get them into my hands.  I’ve been reading Finite and Infinite Games like a bible for quite a while.  There is just so much I want to read and engage with.

    Suggestion on moving forward:

    I think that I like the idea of more digestible ‘readings’ as opposed to entire books.  This is for academic and research purposes, perhaps we could take samples of larger books that people find particularly juicy, and create challenges/questions for what we are reading? (This of course is yet another project to sink time into)

    While reading particularly engaging material on education, do this work as it comes to you.  Think of what challenges you and what questions you would have for the text or your peers.  Provide samples of the reading in a post, along with the questions or reflections you wish to engage with.

    So perhaps we should be focusing this group in the direction of READINGS instead of whole books.