• Abram dB replied to the topic YAALFs in the forum Group logo of ALFALF 8 years, 1 month ago

    I thought that I mentioned this in my last post, but rereading it…oops.

    What about RAALFs?

    Resident Artist Agile Learning Facilitators? This would be for people that can REALLY model successful independent learning who may not be able or interested in committing long term to the educator role.  These people would have a skill set that the community would be interested in an ongoing project with.

    I’m thinking beyond the current volunteer basis that we have others come in.  Tomis mentioned that he’d support the idea of myself and my father working on a film documentation project about ALC.  What if we had space (i.e. board) for an artist to make work about the school with the kids for the wider world.