• Abram dB replied to the topic YAALFs in the forum Group logo of ALFALF 7 years, 11 months ago

    So then I guess we are looking at multiple pathways to ALFing (I imagine there will be more)

    Adults coming from an education background/interest
    Teens coming from within the community (YAALF)

    @charlotte; @dean; I feel that these sound like much bigger and different projects (all SUPER exciting!):

    Teens coming INTO the community post-school for detox – real life prep/alternative
    Summer camps
    Boarding school (these last two I heard Eric bear mention something about wanting to head in the direction of)

    I think that it’s important that if we have multiple pathways into the facilitating roles (there could be more) that we make sure to hold space for the needs of each.  Obviously we are expecting a lot more independence of our (current) Adult ALFs than I imagine we would of YAALFs.  They will all need to be supported to experiment (fail and fail again!), which means having clear spaces for these experiments.